Journey to Published – Week 1

In this episode of Journey to Published, I walk you through my preparation process and ultimately the drafting process.

You’ll learn how to mind map your book and then outline it and then started writing it.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  1. [01:25] Podcast availability
  2. [01:55] Meet your Milestones
  3. [02:25] Three challenges in 30 days
  4. [03:57] Day 1: Mind map
  5. [05:40] Day 2: Outline
  6. [08:08] Day 3: Drafting chapter 6
  7. [09:25] Day 4: Drafting chapter 7
  8. [10:40] Drafting chapter 8

This mini series is brought to you by Meet your Milestones. It’s my printable planner company. We are dedicated to providing authors with planners, tools, and lots of inspiration in any point on their journey. From brainstorming to publishing and launching to marketing you can find the right tools at Meet your Milestones.

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