Tailwind Create – How to Create Unique Pins in Minutes

Tailwind Create – How to Create Unique Pins in Minutes

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I was about to give up on Pinterest when Tailwind Create happened.

It’s true guys. I was going to call quits on Pinterest because I was so tired of designing pins, spending hours designing pins, and thinking about designs for pins.

I have no design bone in my tiny body and because of that I get really frustrated when I want to create beautiful Pinterest designs and only rubbish comes out.

I searched the internet for inspiration, wanting to make my designs unique and beautiful and then I end up creating pins like these below.

Then I take these not so greatly designed pins, add them to Tailwind for Pinterest schedule and groan. This formula was not working out for me. I was losing my viewers and I needed to do something about it, fast.

So here I was, sitting by my desk, saying Pinterest is not taking any more of my time. I logged into Tailwind for Pinterest and was about to click the downgrade button when this happened.

This button, the answer to my prayers. The reason why I’m still using Tailwind for Pinterest and why now I am more confident than ever with my upgraded Pinterest workflow.

I’m talking about Tailwind Create.

In this article, I’m going to show you what you’re missing out on. If you are tired of the time-consuming pin-making job that goes into making pins for Pinterest then stick around, because Tailwind Create is about to blow your mind.

This may just be the tool you’ve been looking for.

To get the most of out of this article you will need to do four things:

  1. Grab a pen and paper
  2. Grab some juice or water (wine)
  3. Grab a seat
  4. Turn off, and I mean off all distractions

This post is going to need your undivided attention. It’s a matter of life and death. Lol

tailwind create

What is Tailwind Create?

It’s the fastest way to make beautiful high-quality Pins in seconds and change your Pinterest workflow forever. All you need is your images and Tailwind Create creates beautiful designs for you.

This all-in-one tool allows you to create, schedule, publish, and analyse Pins all from your Tailwind dashboard.

Who can use Tailwind Create?

Literally, anyone.

If you’re a book blogger or indie author like I am, Tailwind Create helps you to design high-quality pins for your books and blogs.

Female entrepreneurs and business owners can use Tailwind Create to drive traffic from Pinterest to their website.

If you have not a design bone in your body, like me and still want to drive traffic with Pinterest then Tailwind Create is for you.

And say you have design skills but you don’t have the time, because let’s face it, creating Pins takes a lot of time, then Tailwind Create is for you.

So, whoever you are, designer, non-designer or having designer’s block, say hello to Tailwind Create.

Why should you use Tailwind Create?

Why shouldn’t you? You have to opportunity to ditch designers’ block and skip to “almost done” in your Pin creation process and you’re passing it up.

Listen up!

Pinterest has millions of users that visit their search engine every day. A large percentage are looking to buy products or make a decision about buying something. This means that Pins on Pinterest are not only driving traffic to a website but also driving shoppers to your website.

Say you’ve created a click-worthy high-quality pin and it drives a ton of traffic to your product resulting in sales. You’ll be happy right? I hope so.

Now imagine having the ability to create a seamless number of design quality pins in a matter of minutes, schedule them for an entire year, and drive tons of traffic from each pin. This increases your sales and revenue and well you’re smiling now.

What Tailwind Create knows…

  • Creating pins are both time-consuming and difficult at times
  • You’re spending time on a ‘pin it’ strategy not guaranteed to get much traction to your website
  • Pinterest values high-quality and design quality Pins

With Tailwind Create, create high-quality designer quality Pins with ease, quickly and optimize your Pinterest marketing better.

Why I use Tailwind Create?

Pinterest is my number one way to drive traffic to my website. Just look at the stats below.

I use Tailwind for Pinterest to schedule the majority of my pins and my absolute favorite thing about Tailwind for Pinterest is that I can create months of content in literally fifteen minutes. Then Tailwind posts my content at the best times for my audience.

This means when I am sleeping Tailwind is working for me. I literally make money in my sleep because of Tailwind for Pinterest.

And now with Tailwind Create I can create pins, super-fast, super easy, schedule probably my whole year of content in one sitting, publish them at the best times for my audience to derive their value, and see what’s working and what’s not. And all this can be done from my Tailwind Create dashboard.

Talking about this tool has gotten my so worked up and excited that I’m going to show you just how this tool works.

What you’ll need:

  1. A Tailwind for Pinterest account
  2. The Tailwind Create tool

If you don’t have a Tailwind for Pinterest account you can get started with one for free right here and test out this new feature.

From your Tailwind dashboard, you’ll be prompted to start a new design and put in your brand preferences which are your colours, logos, and fonts.

tailwind create

Branding your Pins helps you to stand out from the competition and your audience will be able to find you better.

Next, click start a new design and add in the details so you can start your pin creation.

tailwind create

You are required to input a destination URL or link, the title of your pin and add some photos. You can choose to upload photos from your computer, use the stock images that are provided, or use photos from your website or blog content.

Now, Create Images by clicking the blue button below.

In the Design Gallery you have Design Settings where you can change the colour palette, your text, your text font, upload more photos, add branding by means of your website name or logo, and edit your destination link.

tailwind create

Then to save these changes simply click Update Brand Preferences.

Tailwind Create has also provided you with a number of designs that can be edited and used. You can also add text and images to the content.

You can make additional edits to your pin by simply clicking edit directly under the pin you would like to tweak.

tailwind create

Change the text fonts, elements, photos and more within your pin design. Undo and Redo if necessary, download your image or if you really wan to use that design again then Favorite the Design by clicking the heart button to the top.

When you’re finished Save and Go Back.

You’ll see that the pin was automatically selected. Design a few more pins and select them to be added to your Review Your Selection section.

tailwind create

In Review Your Selection you have the option to download your pins or Go Schedule. By selecting Go Schedule your pin designs will arrive in your Tailwind Drafts for you to do further preparation before publishing them.


So if you are super tired of creating pins, spending hours on pin creation and even thinking about pin creation, don’t call quit on Pinterest. Try Tailwind Create.

It’s the fastest way to create beautiful high-quality Pins without the hustle and change your Pinterest marketing forever.

All you need is your Pinterest account and the Tailwind Create tool and there you go, pin creation madness.

I am looking forward to this tool driving tons of traffic to my website and products which will increase my sales and make me a happy person.

So are you ready to take your Pinterest marketing to the next level?

Click the link to get started…Tailwind Create

Tailwind Create is celebrating launch thus, the 50% Tailwind Create sale ends on January 31, 2021 so hurry and join before the price doubles. This offers you the opportunity to have any Tailwind Create plan for life for just 50% off once you upgrade before 31/01.2021.

Start with a free Tailwind Create plan which allows you to create 15 pins per month and try out the features to see whether or not your pin creation has taken an all-time high.

If you love saving time and making money while sleeping then try out all the Tailwind features. Get to schedule up to 100 Pinterest Pins and 30 Instagram posts with their free trial.

Tailwind is a Pinterest partner so this is both safe and effective to use.



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