How To Set Up hCaptcha – A Free And Privacy-focused Alternative

How To Set Up hCaptcha – A Free And Privacy-focused Alternative

A secure spam-free website should be one of our number one priorities.

As a self-published author I don’t like spammy comments and the chance that just maybe somebody will hack into my website and take it over scares the beejeezus out of me.

I like my sleep and I’m sure you do too.

And that’s why WPForms are introducing its new hCaptcha integration.

What is this integration all about? How can you get access to it and why do you need to add this to your website? All this will be answered in this article.

What is hCaptcha?

hCaptcha (the “h” stands for human) is a privacy-friendly alternative to Google’s reCAPTCHA. This free tool, yes it’s free, provides you with more options when considering CAPTCHA services.

It adds an additional layer of protection by keeping spam and bots out of your forms. This is super essential because when forms are filled out we want accurate information.

With the hCaptcha integration you are able to ask simple questions that helps determine whether the form filler is human or not.

Benefits to you…

hCaptcha places emphasis on privacy and their privacy policy is compatible with GDPR and CCPA recent regulations.

You don’t need a Google account to use their services.

Like many people you are no doubt concerned about privacy issues and site conflicts so with this tool you can protect yourself and your forms.

If you like try new ways to block spam and malicious traffic to your forms then hCaptcha is a great alternative for you.

Let’s get started

Because it’s tailored for privacy, WPFroms has made it easier to add it to your forms.

In the WPForms settings you’ll see they have added the hCaptcha option next to Google’s reCaptcha option.

If you cannot see it make sure your WPForms is updated as it’s only available to those users with WPForms v1.6.4.

hCaptcha allows users to have a seamless experience, offers protection all while keeping information private.

You can adjust your Fail Message, enable No-Conflict Mode, and preview your CAPTCHA in a professional manner.

What makes hCaptcha Unique

The additional details in the form builder settings are super clear and more detailed. To see what we are speaking off make sure you have WPForms installed and activated.

Once you do, let’s open Settings > CAPTCHA


Here we have to configure the settings so that the hCaptcha can appear in our forms. Be sure to SAVE your changes.

Now let’s add a new form. In the image below we added a new contact form.


In the form builder your new hCaptcha has appeared and you can access its settings.



WPForms hopes that adding hCaptcha to your WPForms makes it easier to create smart forms for your website needs.

With their improved built-in spam protection they are keeping your privacy private all while affording you the protection you need from bots and spam and the malicious content that seems to seep through in forms.

Because you don’t need a Google account to use this free service, hCaptcha is the best and most popular alternative to Google reCAPTCHA.

So why not secure your forms and protect yourself with hCaptcha?

Get WPForms for FREE.


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