1:1 Coaching Session

Market Your Book Idea

How I can Help YOU?

I can only teach what I know and have tested! As an indie author who has successfully built her writing career for over the last 12 years, here’s a list of things I know a thing or two about.

  • How to FIND your Target Readers to turn them into your raving fans
  • How to BUILD a professional Author Website
  • Using FREE Alternatives to Author Website building
  • Using your Mailing List to INCREASE book sales
  • Repurposing CONTENT for various platforms
  • How to CREATE different Social Media platforms to maximize reach
  • When to START Marketing your Book

These are things I can help you with. If you need guided steps and customized tips specific for your genre, book, or demographic, then allow me to help you with 1:1 consultation.

Slay your Book Marketing Goals

60-Minute Sesh

Choose a topic below and spend the next 60 minutes with me getting to know everything you can about that topic.


60-Minute Sesh

What happens during the session?

Let’s get to marketing! The process (below) starts with you choosing the topic you need the most help with. Here are the following topics:

  • Author Website Building
  • Target Reader Defining
  • Setting Up Social Media for Success
  • Repurposing Content
  • Instagram Audit
  • Author Email List Building

Each session, regardless of the topic you choose is 60 minutes long. I use audio only, but I may need to share the screen. So I ask that you please use a laptop/desktop.

Setting Up Social Media for Success

In this topic deal with five (5) essential social media platforms, each taking approx. 60 minutes to get up and running. Thus if you choose this topic, you will need to state which platform you would like help in setting up.

It’s my expectation and assumption that if you’re scheduling a session with me, you already have:

  • A book idea
**If you’re a new writer who is looking for writing tips and help to write your book, I recommend you also sign up for the Members’ Club. That writing group was designed to help new and aspiring writers accomplish their writing goals.

Who is this for?

  • New/ Aspiring/ Beginner Writers & Authors
  • Authors who need help balancing their writing with marketing
  • Writers who need to increases their book sales
  • Writers who have no idea where to start in marketing
  • Writers who have determination and motivation
  • Writers who want to build a community
  • Anyone who need someone top guide them through the marketing process
  • Persons who have no clue how to build an email list
  • Persons who need and want an author website
  • Anyone who have the time to invest in their writing

Who is this NOT for?

  • Seasoned Writers
  • Successful Published Authors
  • Writers who slack of in writing
  • Writers who have no goal to publish their book
  • Writers who lack determination and motivation
  • Writers who have not a clue what to write about
  • Anyone who wants someone to do the work for them
  • Persons who have built their email list
  • Persons who already have a professional website
  • Anyone who doesn’t have the time to invest in their writing

Jewell Nicole

I am an indie author, book blogger and accountability partner. I’m also the founder of The Bookability Partners Club. The Members’ Club is a place where serious writers become successful published authors. I help you to get out of your way and write the story you were meant to write.

I have successfully published two books, one of which I wrote when I was 11, and I’m currently writing my trilogy as a YA Mystery/Suspense writer. Through my many failures, yes you read that right, I’ve learn quite a number of things. One thing that has stood out to me all these years is that you must NEVER give up on something you love.

I was told that writing is a bad choice and starting a career in it will get me nowhere in life. I was also told that I needed to get my butt up off the couch and get a real job. I was even told that I was wasting time and money in my writing and it will amount to nothing in the end.

And I must admit, I felt like a failure… like I needed to give up..

Especially because marketing your book takes a lot of time and effort. And seeing the results of your marketing efforts takes even longer. But do not despair!

Today, I have managed to build a presence on every major platform there is and market my books, in two distinct genres. I do this as a team of one (1) with a solid social media strategy in place and a love for content repurposing. I have even managed to make money from my writing and expand my skills.

Yes!!! I still spend time writing my own stories and novels. And because I have a time-based writing schedule, I’m now able to balance my market goals with my writing goals. To the best of my ability, I try to stay true to myself and be honest about my writing journey, and that’s why my people trust me.

If you’re a new or aspiring writer and you’re trying to make sense of marketing and balance it with your writing, then I can show you what has worked for me and what hasn’t. I will also show you what continues to work for me. I will share everything I’ve learnt in my personal experience.

If that’s the kind of help you’re seeking, then yes, I can definitely help YOU!!!

Your Questions Answered

This service is tailored to indie authors but if you want to be in charge or do a little more marketing as a traditional writer then this service can also benefit you.

No, this service is especially tailored for persons who who no book out yet or who have no come up with their book idea.

Yes you can. Each session is 60-minutes long.

Each session last for 60 minutes and pricing reflects the entire session.

All sessions are held on Zoom, with audio only.

Each session is $100.

I may need to share my screen at times, so a desktop/laptop is required.

No need to worry! All rescheduling must be done 48 hours in advance.

All cancellations must be done 48hours in advance for a full refund.

Terms & Disclosure

  • All rescheduling must be done at least 48 hours in advance. You can do so by contacting me directly via email: nicolejg8@jewellzpages.com
  • All cancellations must be done at least 48 hours in advance for a full refund. You can do so by contacting me directly via email: nicolejg8@jewellzpages.com
  • Please not that no-shows will not be refunded or rescheduled. If you have unforeseen or unavoidable circumstances, please reach out to be at the earliest convenience, and I will see what I can do to accommodate
  • All sessions are scheduled by a third-party app – Calendly