How to Boost Sales with MonsterInsights Popular Posts Lists

How to Boost Sales with MonsterInsights Popular Posts Lists

Have you ever written a piece of amazing content and no one and I mean no one is reading it?

It’s like writing a novel and thinking about all the fans you’re going to gain and how this novel is going to benefit so many, only to realize that no one even knows your novel exist. Or even knows you exists. Yikes!

But all that is about to change.

MonsterInsights 7.13 has officially launched their new feature, Popular Posts and Contextual Insights.

Say goodbye to small page views, high bounce rates and an overall poor user-engagement experience.

What exactly does this feature do? How can Popular Posts help you to increase sales and get crazy engagement? And why is popular post lists super important for the success of your business?

In this article, I will show you why Popular Posts Lists is really important to boosting your sales, how you can customize and categorize your lists to suit your audience needs, and how you can grow your business using Contextual Insights.

Before we start let’s do three things:

  1. Grab your happy liquid
  2. Grab a pen, paper, and a chair
  3. Turn off all distractions

What is Popular Posts?

Popular Posts are those article pieces that get the most traffic or drive the majority of traffic to your website.

These articles are what your audience truly loves and the more of these articles you write the more you get to keep your readers on your site.

Benefits of Popular Posts

  • Your audience stays on your site longer decreasing your bounce rate
  • You are able to showcase your content to attract more readers
  • You increase your page views but more people visit your site
  • You can have the opportunity to rank on first page of Google

With MonsterInsights Popular Posts you now have more benefits to your WordPress website.

Let’s say the reason that you are not getting anyone reading your content is because they cannot find it or doesn’t know it exists. You need to put your content in from the eyes of your audience no matter where they are on your site.

MonsterInsights allows you to do so.

Benefits of MonsterInsights Popular Posts

  • Best article anywhere on your website not just your homepage
  • More people reading your blog posts
  • The chance of more ad clicks
  • More email signups
  • More social shares
  • And more conversions

Using MonsterInsights Popular Posts now gives you the upper hand to more page views and keeping your visitors on your site thus decreasing your bounce rate.

MonsterInsights Popular Posts Displays

So this feature comes with three types of displays:

  1. Inline Popular Posts – these are displayed within the text of your content
  2. Popular Posts Widgets – these show up 10 anywhere on your site, like your sidebar
  3. Popular Products – if you have a eCommerce store on your website you can make your popular posts visible in order to boost revenue

Here’s a look at what popular posts looks like in an article:

popular posts list

So before we continue can I just point out that I appreciate this feature? Many times we put links in our articles or we may say something like, ‘Related: How to…’ However, with MonsterInsights Popular Posts we can actually have an image along with the link and it gives it a more engaged feel.

Customize MonsterInsights Popular Posts

So if you want to match you site’s theme then you can. MonsterInsights offers a wide range of options for your personal customization.

You can edit the themes, colour, font sizes, and select your best layout options. Just look at the image below.

popular posts list

With every theme you can get additional custom options and you can edit and change everything from your WordPress editor.

What’s also amazing about this is that you don’t need to leave your WordPress dashboard. With the MonsterInsights plugin you can have access to these features and many more.

Which MonsterInsights Popular Posts to Display

MonsterInsights offers three options to sort your popular posts so that they would know what to display. These are sorted based on comments, shares, or you can manually select which top posts you would like displayed.

Included in this feature, you can allow MonsterInsights to select the top 5 posts for that month and display those in the MonsterInsights Popular Posts display.

What is Contextual Insights?

This new feature allows you to get notifications within the plugin right on the WordPress dashboard. This informs you of how your website is working and you can get actionable steps to grow your business.

MonsterInsights then helps you to see how you can get the best use out of the data.

With Contextual Insights you can track your visitors and get useful information you may be missing out on.


MonsterInsights Popular Posts List and Contextual Insights is a great addition to the WordPress family in that you can now keep your readers on your website longer.

Grow their interest with inline popular posts and images or use product images.

As a book blogger and an indie writer this feature will definitely help me to increase my conversions and book sales and no doubt boost my page views.

What do you think? Do the MonsterInsights Popular Posts List pique your interest? Would you like to try MonsterInsights for FREE?

Then click the link and start your insightful journey to figuring out what’s best for your business.

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Drop a comment below and let me know what’s your favorite MonsterInsights feature.



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