Easy How To: Improve Core Web Vitals with Speed Reports

Easy How To: Improve Core Web Vitals with Speed Reports

So apparently starting in May, Google is going to include Core Web Vitals in the factors it uses to determine a website’s ranking on its search engine.

With the dominant position Google holds over search engines, you’re going to definitely want to rank well.

And so today I’m going to show you how to improve your web vitals using the new Site Speed report on MonsterInsights. This will no doubt improve your user experience because now you can find out how quickly your website loads and get insights about making it faster.

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Improve User Experience

With exceptional user experience, your readers will spend more time on your website which will result in a decrease in your bounce rate, which is always good. They will also visit more pages that interest them and eventually result in becoming a buyer.

core web vitals

Because of that, you will see improvement in your search engine rankings and this is what Google is going to use as a ranking factor and even include it as part of Core Web Vitals.

Other ranking factors may include:

  • High quality content
  • Search intent
  • Backlinks
  • Mobile Friendliness
  • Website Loading Speed

Since Google uses these factors and more to see your user experience, they will no doubt look at your website’s speed and responsiveness, for instance how fast your site loads images and videos.

Whatever the case may be, Site Speed can make or break your website rankings. So how can measure your site’s speed in order to boost rankings and improve your user experience?

MonsterInsights Site Speed Reports

MonsterInsights has launched their new update in the latest MonsterInsights 7.14v and it’s all about Site Speed.

They know how important site speed is to Google, and that’s why this report will help you to measure, very easily how fast your website loads for both mobile and desktop devices.

In addition, you will be able to improve your user’s experience with important statistics like:

  • The time it takes for your website server to respond and return data
  • How long it takes to load fonts and images
  • The time it takes for your first page to fully load
  • And the amount of time your visitors will have to wait until they can use your site

MonsterInsights will also help you to improve your page load speed by offering a goal you should aim to reach for your website. In turn, you will be given recommendations on how to improve it, like boosting server response time using a WordPress caching plugin.


From 2021 onward, Google is going to be focusing on ranking your site speed to determine whether or not you will be a good fit to rank.

You can improve your site speed rankings by using MonsterInsights Site Speed Reports.

These help you improve the user experience and boost rankings. Also too, you can improve your website’s page load speed and use the recommendations they present to you.

Ranking in Google has never been easier.

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