How You Use Can These 21 Super Helpful Ways To Conquer Your Writing Fears And Actually Start Your Novel

Writing Fears
Blog Post – 03012020

In every writer’s journey or in some part of their career the urge to write wanes. It’s not because of writer’s block or writer’s stuck but it can plain laziness. Or maybe fear. Fear of the unknown.

But you know what combats fear?


You are in control of your writing and you can say where the story goes. And that, that is gold!

So today we are going to get inspired by overcoming our writing fears and continuing our writing journey.

Fun Vs. Chore

Chores! Who likes them?

  • They prevent you from doing what you really enjoy.
  •  They are time consuming.
  • They can be gross, like cleaning the fridge or the bathroom. (I find those gross).
  • They are boring.
  • Nobody actually likes doing them.
  • But they have to be done.

The question is why would you turn your passion into a chore?

Passions are made to up build, refresh and excite. Chores don’t do that. Unless you’re one percent of the population who love chores and gets exciting when they see a broom. Then you go and all the best.

But as for the rest of mankind, we hate them.

Granted at the end you may feel great because your entire house is cleaned and the sink filled with dishes are cleared but the process to get there was tiresome.

We don’t want a tiresome process when writing. It should be breezy.

Look at your writing as a reward. When you have finished those chores you reward yourself to some word building and character insight.


When we experience roadblocks in life we often ask why. Especially as a young person, now starting out into the world of work, obstacles can make or break us.

We feel like it made no sense actually starting the journey in the first place. We get frustrated and we feel the urge to give up.

Trust me when I say, I have been there and I still go there sometimes.

But you know what?

Looking back at where I came from and seeing that despite the roadblocks I was still able to overcome them, gives me a certain measure of joy. And they can do the same for you.

What can you do?

Take out some time to just reminisce. Think about when you started your writing journey how did you feel? Was it a conquer the world feeling? Did you think that you could be the next Jane Austen or J.K Rowling? Were you super excited and always on cloud nine? Could anyone have dampen your spirits?

What changed?

When I started writing I did it for fun. It was a nice way to escape reality. As I got older escaping reality became my main reason for writing. By the time I was 21 I wrote to express my feelings through my characters.

It helped to deal with my family life and the different problems I encountered. Looking back I still write for fun. I can hide behind my characters and still let the world know how I feel inside. It’s perfect.

So what triggered your writing journey? Why do you write? And is it the same reason that you had when you began to write?

Re-evaluating those answers can help you to conquer your writing fears or laziness.

Build A Habit Of Routine

This is very important.

It’s just like exercising. Every morning at six you take a run for one hour. That’s your routine. They say by the time you do that for three months it becomes your habit.

Likewise with writing. It has to become a habit.

This does not mean that you would write 2000 words everyday but getting words on a paper daily helps with your routine.

Now I always tell persons, the word count doesn’t matter. Many get frustrated when they can’t reach a certain word count for the day.

While some writers work best with a particular word count goal in mind, you may be different.

That’s why I always say to my fellow writers just put words on the paper. Don’t look at the word count. Think about the journey ahead and that you’re one step closer to finishing it.

Inhabit Your Character’s World.

If you’re messed up in the brain like I am then entering your characters world can become very interesting. It can be an insightful journey.

I am currently editing my first novel, Gray Matters and getting into my main characters head has allowed me to see things from her perspective. It’s a little bit scary.

Get into the head of your characters. Close your eyes and visualize.

Accept Perfection Is A Process

You don’t wake up one day and say I want to be a writer and start writing a book and then BAM! You’re a bestseller. There are many talented writers in the world and only a handful of bestselling authors.

In order to achieve the level of perfection that you want you got to hone your craft.

Remember writing is a journey, it’s not a sprint or a marathon. So it takes time. It takes a process.

Perfection isn’t achieved over night.

writing fears

Listen To Music

This is something that is spoken all to well in the writing community. Many persons have different ideas as to how you can use music to inspire your writing.

And one such way is to make soundtracks of your work in progress or W.I.P.

Are you writing a mystery thriller like I am?

10 Minutes Timer And Go!

Small amounts of time can hook you into working. Write about a photo, a character from a movie.

CREATIVITY is a Muscle that Atrophies without use.

– Writing Community

Just Write

Nothing is wrong with being scared. Frankly if you weren’t scared we’ll be worried. Being scared shows you know your limits, you’re humble in admitting them and it tells us you’re human.

Know that whatever you write, it’s going to be bad. Real bad.

Yea, sorry not sorry.

But hey. Now you have something to work on.

You can’t edit a blank page.

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    Write By Hand

    This is one of my favorites. No matter how much tech there is, do you ever feel like nothing could replace the hard copy? As I’m writing this post I am actually following the points I’ve jotted down in my diary.

    Pen to paper is so soothing. You can literally write anywhere.

    Well almost anywhere.

    You know the glare from the sun that beats down on your computer screen and you can’t see anything even if you brighten that screen?

    Yea! Glare don’t beat down on paper.

    Not to mention there is less pressure. You are allowed to give yourself permission to write garbage.

    You can’t hit backspace. When I use paper I usually scratch and continue going. And sometimes I know I am writing garbage but I just need to see something on paper to know what to edit.

    Ever heard the saying: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.”

    Well, I’m here to tell you, “Your trash is your treasure.”

    You can find GOLD in your GARBAGE.

    Nicole J

    Write a Journal Entry, Email or Short Story

    Expressing your thoughts, feelings and emotions can get you in the flow and then you can shift to your WIP (work-in-progress). Journal entries can be short captions or 500 words stories.

    Writing emails probably for subscribers can help as well. And short stories is something I always talk about. They can be very inspiring.

    15 Minutes Timer And Go!

    Turn off your all distractions. Don’t check that tweet, or DM and don’t reply to the influx of messages you are currently receiving. As a matter a fact, turn off the wifi and data.

    Don’t get up before your time is up. Yea not even to pee. It doesn’t matter if all you do is sit there.

    Don’t move.

    Sooner or later you will start scribbling something. Even if its about a young writer who is stuck to his or her chair until she present a read worthy story. Only then will she be granted the her wish to move.

    Good story line, huh.

    Anyways, move on to find some more inspiration.

    Write In Short Burst

    This is something I do a lot. So little story. I promise. I’ll be brief.

    When I am leaving the house I like to carry my diary with me. However, my phone has easy memos on it so I can write on the go. From my house to the first junction is ten minutes.

    Do you know how many words I get in by the time the taxi stops?

    About 300. And you could too.

    Writing in 10-15 minute bursts can do much for your writing routine and your WIP. Also to if you do 15 minutes burst 4 times you’ve written for an hour. And if you write really fast and accomplish 300 words per burst you have already written 1200 words in that hour.

    Which is awesome!

    So before you embark on another 15-minute burst challenge ask yourself:

    What is the next scene that I want to take place? Where does this take place? Who are the characters in the scene? Why does it play out the way it does? When does it happen? And how does this progress my story?

    Asking yourself the WWW.WH questions can help you to conquer your writing fears.

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    Imagine Your Future

    Okay, let’s get really visual. Sometimes we just have to kick that fear. Shake that laziness.

    You know, it’s all about conquering our writing fears, right?

    I did not overcome my writing fears

    So this individual is you. This is what you look like because you did not set a routine. You did not cultivate a habit nor did you follow these points in the post. Your fear has overtaken you. Now you’re still working 12-hour shifts wishing you had listened.

    I know. Not a nice picture.

    Successful people who conquer writing fears

    Look at these people. They built a habit of routine and followed these blog post points. Then they starting writing and never stopped. Thus they overcome writing fears. Now they’re bestsellers.

    And guess what?

    One of them is you. You can look in the bookstore window and see your copy of your book staring back at you and giving you thumbs up.

    You also threw you 12-hour shift work clothes in the garbage and called it quits after your first paycheck.

    What a contrast! Don’t be the first individual. Choose to be a writing success.

    Change Location

    Now for me, I write in one of three places. It’s either my bedroom, my living room or the kitchen.

    Don’t be like me. LOL

    Write in a place where you would feel more productive.

    So I feel really productive in my bedroom because it’s quiet. There are not a lot of distractions and I have full privacy.

    Where do you feel most productive?

    Is it in your backyard surrounded by the lush green of nature? In a coffee shop surrounded by the beautiful aroma of caffeine? Or in the library surrounded by silence and the smell of the written word?

    Whatever it might be, location change inspires. It requires you to physically move so your laziness is dealt with. And there are new sights to see which should get your creative juices flowing and thus conquer your writing fears.

    Watch A Movie

    This totally self-explanatory.

    Watch something that is similar to your WIP.

    So if you write mystery then watch a mystery thriller. Probably you can view, Signs or The Sixth Sense. I believe those are mysteries. Your writing genre is action then watch some Steven Spielberg movies.

    While watching a movie can be fun, remember we’re trying to conquer our writing fears. So watch the movie with research in mind.

    Look at how the characters are introduced. See how the storyline is developed. Watch how conflict impacts the main character and how clues are revealed as the story progresses.

    Combining fun with research definitely gives you the motivation to conquer writing fears and laziness.

    Write About Your Story

    Don’t just write your story. Jot down ideas and thoughts about it.

    How do you feel about your characters? Is your main character living up to the expectations you had for him or her? What do you think your side characters could do to improve the story?

    How will the main events impact your character’s lives? How does it impact your life?

    Remember many writers write to express how they feel through the characters. They use it as an outlet. So what impact has this event had on your life that will be similar to your characters?

    Map Out A Story

    Jot down who is in the scene, what happens and why this scene is important. then figure the main story threads and the Major Question related to each. These are the questions persons will be eager to find the answers to.

    Sort out your scenes according to which plot it relates to. Remember your story has a main plot and one or two sub-plots. Take those scenes and draw a timeline or sequence of events and watch how the intercept each other.

    Pause And Do Some Research

    How do we explain doing research?

    Currently, I am editing my first novel which is a Mystery Thriller. My main character suffers from Dissociative Identity Disorder which is a mental illness.

    When writing mental illnesses caution must be taken because I would not want to insult or put a negative light on the topic. So I did my research.

    I made sure that I gave it both a positive and negative light. I did not focus on the negative too much but I gave awareness to the illness.

    So research your topic. Get the facts and make sure whatever is being written sheds more positive light on the subject.

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      Start in the Middle

      Starting at the beginning or starting a new novel instills fear itself.

      Many writers would suggest starting at the end of your novel because you have a basic understanding of how your book is going to end.

      But starting halfway through your novel is one of the keys to conquering your writing fears.


      Because you know your scenes. You may not know all your scenes, but you have a basic idea of what you want to take place in the book. And that’s all you need.

      So halfway through your book does something grave happen? Does something exciting happen?

      • Where did it happen?
      • Why did it happen?
      • How did it happen?
      • When did it happen?
      • What led to it happening?
      • Who did it happen to?
      • Who does it affect?

      You see the WWW.WH rule coming to play again.

      When you’re writing you don’t just say I want to write a book and then you start. You will have an idea of what scenes you want, even if it’s only one. Start there.

      Acknowledge The Moment Will Pass

      As we trickled down to the end of this long but very informative blog post we have concluded that everyone experiences laziness and fear in writing. Its common side effects of writing.

      This knowledge has helped us to embrace our writing journey. Cherish and love it. Soon the moment will pass and our fingers will once again be tapping away on our keyboard.

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      Stop Trying And Start Doing

      In conclusion.

      Why don’t you stop planning and trying. And stop saying I’m gonna do this or I’m gonna that. Just sit down and write.


      Was this post helpful to you? Let me know in the comment section below.

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