How to Use Pinterest for Business and Drive Massive Traffic.

How to Use Pinterest for Business and Drive Massive Traffic.

Let’s talk about using Pinterest for business in 2021!

With this ever changing platform, it’s super important to adapt and to do it quickly.

What worked for you two and three months ago may not work today and definitely wouldn’t work months from now.

So, in this blog post, I put together some Pinterest tips and tricks that are working in 2021. These strategies can help you to increase your Pinterest traffic and drive more persons to your website.

Before you go further, you need a Pinterest for Business Account.

Don’t worry! It’s totally free and easy to set up using this free guide.

Once you have Pinterest business account ready, let’s dive in.

Set A Strategy

Pin strategically by considering your objectives before you begin. You need to know why you are using this particular pin and who you are targeting. You also need to know which board is the best one to place your pins to maximize reach.

Thus some questions you can ask yourself are:

  • Am I trying to drive traffic to my website?
  • Can I boost my brand awareness with this pin?
  • Do I want to increase my sales?
  • Does this pin help to expand customer engagement?

These questions should be ask even before you create the pins. So, you can pick images and offers accordingly.

Watch Your Percentages

There is the 80/20 rule, where you pin 80% of other creator’s content and 20% of yours. Some Pinterest users have found this strategy to be very useful while others do not.

Whether you follow this rule or not always remember a common thing. You need inspire, educate and promote through your pins.

So, in order to make your boards inviting you need to create 40% of your pins to motivate and inspire. Then, make 40% instructional and educational, and only 20% about your brand which includes profiles, specials, and contests, and things of that nature.

Constantly featuring pins that promote comes off as being salesy and while yes you want persons to eventually buy your product or service, you also want to add value to their life. Sharing inspirational and educational pins does that.

Be Pin Friendly

Install the Pin It Button on your website to allow your readers to easily share your blog post.

The Pin It button only works if you actually have images to be pinned. So on every page and blog post add a few pinnable images that can be pinned automatically.

In addition, put a Follow me on Pinterest button on your homepage, making it easier for your target audience to find you.

Promote Others

Build your brand by engaging with the community. The community is the ticket to getting more followers and more engaged users. Persons that are part of the community are usually in a your niche, in a similar niche, or have interests surrounding your niche.

Thus, repinning, commenting on, and liking other posts and pins can greatly increase your engagement, following and future sales.

You can also tag another pinner you are following in one of your pin descriptions.

Establish Your Expertise

Craft keyword-rich pins, board titles, and descriptions to boost your Google ranking.

Use hashtags to highlight key words and phrases your customers search for.

Cross Promote

Connect with your other social media by creating a Pinterest tab on Facebook, tweeting your pins, and embedding pins in your blog post.

Pay Attention to Pin Placement

Place your most important pins near the middle of the top or second row of the board. This means your most important boards should also be present at the top and second row.

Research shows that pins placed front and center receive the highest percentage of views.

It’s like when you’re the front and center of attention in a class and all eyes are on you. Likewise, placing your pins front and center will have all eyes on them and this will drive engagement.

Give Stuff Away

To get traffic to your website you need to give away free stuff. It may sound shocking but you need to offer free items to capture your potential target audience.

By offering free items such as e-books and podcasts, and much much more you can get people on your email list and they can be potential customers in the future.

So try adding free items to your pin descriptions to entice your target readers to sign up for your amazing freebies.

According to Pinerly, pins that have a call to action see an 80% increase in engagement.

Go Multimedia

Make your board interactive by sharing videos and podcasts on them.

Good multimedia pins include: tutorials, product demos, behind-the-scenes, tours, and excerpts from presentations and webinars.

Know Your Numbers

Verify your website in the settings page to get access to the Pinterest Web Analytics feature.

The info will help you see which of your pinning efforts are paying off and shape your future strategy. You’ll know what pinning strategies to continue ad which ones to stop or adjust.

You can also determine which pins are driving the majority of your traffic and create more of those styles pins.

Top Pinterest Tips

Simply knowing how to improve your Pinterest for Business is just the beginning. Now you need to apply the information learned.

Here are some top Pinterest Tips for you to improve your Pinterest for Business.

Create a Pinterest for Business Account

  • Convert your personal account to a Pinterest for Business account
  • Create a new Pinterest for Business account
  • Fill out your Pinterest account
  • Verify your website or blog

Create Boards and Pins

  • Create boards and pins related to your niche
  • Focus on long-tail keywords
  • Use keywords in your pin, boards, and profile description
  • Share other Pinterest users pins
  • Create beautiful, quality pins

Automate your Pinterest

  • Use Tailwind for Pinterest to save time by scheduling your pins
  • You can use Tailwind Create to design beautiful pins in mere minutes
  • Grow your Pinterest and business while you sleep

Pinterest Pins

  • Use quality photos
  • Brand yourself with the same colours and fonts
  • Create eye-catching headlines and be creative with them
  • Create infographics

Grow your Account

  • Follow other Pinterest users in around your niche
  • Add a pin widget to your blog
  • Add Pinterest share button
  • Use CTA’s or call to action
  • Promote your Pinterest

Check your Analytics

  • Analyze which pins are performing best
  • Check your reach with regards to demographics and people’s interest
  • See you activity from your blog


To have a successful Pinterest for Business strategy you need to:

  • Create a Pinterest Business account
  • Add boards and pins to those boards
  • Automate your Pinterest using Tailwind for Pinterest
  • Grow your account
  • Check your analytics

Pinterest is my number traffic driver to my website and it can be yours too. Try these suggestions and leave a comment below stating that you have. I would love to hear and see your results.

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