How to Use Instagram to Build your Email List as an Author

How to Use Instagram to Build your Email List as an Author

Someone once told me that social media is the worst tool to use in your business.

And while I do not agree with this there is some truth to it.

The reason why persons find themselves unsuccessful on social media it’s because they are using the platform in the wrong way.

The word social media simply means to be social or to interact with your audience.

Many times authors use social media platforms to promote and be very salesy on their page.

Doing so not only hurts your author brand and reputation but also to turns off readers from your book.

Your social media account should allow you to build and establish a relationship with your target readers.

It should also allow your readers to move from your social media platform onto your website, blog, and email list.

So how do you use your social media platforms to build your email list?

Let’s look at the various social media platforms that authors can use to build their email list.


In recent times Instagram has become one of the biggest social media platforms in the world.

With over 500 million users on the daily and over 1 billion users a month, it has become the most popular platform for everyone including authors.

On Instagram, you can post images, videos, short clips, and stories. You can also add a shop, have IGTV videos, create guides, carousels, and story highlights.

With a business profile, you can check your insights to ensure that you are reaching your target audience.

So it has become a great hub for authors to not only promote their books but also get persons to sign up for their newsletters and email list.

Here are some ways that you can use Instagram to drive persons to your email list.

A complete to feed

It literally takes 3 seconds for a visitor to decide whether or not they are going to continue following you.

The first impressions are lasting impressions and you need to make sure that you make a lasting impression via your profile.

Your Instagram account should answer questions like:

  • Who you are?
  • What you do?
  • How you can help them?

It should also include a CTA for persons to opt into your newsletter or website.

You need to have a picture of yourself, a page category by turning your account into a business or creator’s account, and at least three to six highlights on your page.

Also to, your first 12 photos should reflect who you are, what you do, how you can help, and it should also contain your brand colors.


In recent times having 30 hashtags has not been the best strategy for Instagram users, yet there is no reason why you can’t use all 30.

Users are encouraged to use 7 to 15 hashtags under their post.

These hashtags should be niche-specific and relevant to your post.

You should also mix up these hashtags every day so as to not look spammy or get banned on the platform.

Hashtags help you to have more visibility which drives persons to your account and ultimately to your email list.


Your captions should entice your audience to want to read the rest of it.

It should draw your readers in and inspire educate or entertain them.

When writing captions always leave a space between each line or paragraph.

Your caption should not contain more than three lines between each space.

At the end of every caption, you should add at least two CTA’s.

Having a primary CTA and a secondary CTA can greatly improve your chances of a person signing up to your email list.

Creating a brand, knowing how you want to be seen on the platform and what emotions you would like to evoke in people will help you to deliver content that will improve your chances of getting persons to sign up to mailing list.

Use all of Instagram’s features especially collaborations and live events to connect yourself with your target readers and encourage them to join your newsletter.

Always remember that social media is a place to be social and not salesy.

Do ensure that you are establishing sound relationships with your target readers and visitors before trying to get them to your email list.

Do you want an in-depth personalized Instagram strategy?

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