How to Quickly Export WordPress Analytics with Google Analytics

How to Quickly Export WordPress Analytics with Google Analytics

Hey guys, listen up! Wouldn’t be helpful to be able to share WordPress site data with your clients, your partners, and your team members?

Did you know that exporting data is a native function in Google Analytics?

Come, come, let me be your analytics guru one more time and tell you exactly how to quickly export your WordPress analytics with Google Analytics but as usual, we are using MonsterInsights.

We know that sharing data is a great way to earn the trust of our customers and clients. Just the other day I got hired to do a job and the client asked to see my work. They wanted solid data and evidence that I knew what I was doing and thankfully I had it.

However, the one issue is that when sharing your data through analytics you may have to give them access to your Google Analytics account. And that’s a risk I’m not sure you will be willing to take.

Neither does MonsterInsights.

In this article, I’m going to show you how to share your data with your clients without compromising your privacy and it’s not as hard as you think.

Top Reasons for Sharing Google Analytics Data

Sharing your data convinces people to come to your side and shows that you know what you are doing or talking about. You gain the trust of many by showing your solid statistics.

So you may share data in order to keep your clients updated on their site’s performance or you can share data with your team members to update them on different statistics without granting them access to your Google Analytics account.

If you are forming partnerships with other websites, they will no doubt need to see your website statistics, or even if you are selling a product and you want to increase website conversions, turning that potential customer into an actual buyer, then your data will surely come in handy.

And these are just a few reasons why we share our statistics but you want to do it safely and easily and that’s where MonsterInsights comes in.

Using MonsterInsights

You will need to install and activate the MonsterInsights plugin and connect it to your Google Analytics account.

Export Reports as PDFs

With MonsterInsights you can easily download your reports as a PDF file and then share them. With the Export PDF Report button on the top of your reports. By simply clicking the button you can properly format your reports to share them with others.

Export Reports in Other File Formats

So you want to perform more analysis and need your reports in a different format? Using Google Analytics you can export your reports as Google Sheets, Excel file, or CSV format.

When you log into your Google Analytics account, go to the report that you want and at the top right corner, you’ll find Export. Simply click and download your data and then clean it up. Format it and share them.

export WordPress analytics

Sharing Saved Reports

Saved reports are when your settings are already applied to the reports and this saves time.

Since your saved reports are only available to the person who created them, you need to go to Customization > Saved Reports and choose the report you want to share, and choose the Share button.

export WordPress analytics

When the screen popups enter the email addresses of your clients or partners that you are sharing the report. You can also choose what format they will see the report in.

Click Send when you’re done and there you have it, you have successfully shared your saved Google Analytics report.

MonsterInsights Email Summaries

So you’re a busy website owner and you have no time to be checking your website statistics or you need a weekly performance report for your clients.

MonsterInsights Email Summaries has your back. You can set it in a way that you get your email summaries delivered to your mailbox

To access this simple-to-read and understand report, go to your WordPress dashboard and onto Insights > Settings > Advanced. Scroll down to Email Summaries.

export WordPress analytics

Up to 5 email addresses can be added and you can send a test email just to make sure everything is working as planned.

Don’t forget to customize, yes customize your header by adding your own logo.

Give Permission to View Reports

What happens if you want to give permission to a client and you want them to access your Google Analytics account because they may want to see other reports?

With MonsterInsights you can safely control different user roles and allow only very limited persons to view your reports, and control who saves settings.

To manage your Google Analytics permissions from your dashboard head across to Insights > Settings > Advanced and go to Permissions.

export WordPress analytics

Now you can see your reports, save settings, and which roles are excluded from tracking.


Sharing your Google Analytics with your clients and partners can be done in five ways.

  1. Export Google Analytics Reports as a PDF file
  2. Export Google Analytics Reports in Other File Formats
  3. Share Saved Google Analytics Reports
  4. MonsterInsights Email Summaries
  5. Give Permission to View Google Analytics Reports

MonsterInsights makes it very simple and super easy for you to share your Google Analytics reports safely in a variety of formats and in a way that doesn’t compromise your security.

Now you can increase your website conversions, form partnerships, and gain the trust of your clients all from your WordPress dashboard by simply using the MonsterInsights plugin.



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