How to Easily Create Awesome Exit Intent Popups that Drive Sales

How to Easily Create Awesome Exit Intent Popups that Drive Sales

Did you know on average website owners are seeing a 200 to $600% increase in email signups when they use OptinMonster Exit-Intent along with their content marketing efforts?

Exit-Intent also works wonders for cat abandonment as well.

Thus having a solid exit-intent strategy adds about an additional 2% to 4% conversion rate on-site visitors to email subscribers.

What is Exit-Intent

Exit-Intent detects visitor behavior giving you a chance to show them a pop-up with a targeted marketing message just before they leave your website.

Since 70% of visitors will never return to your website, you’re wasting about 98% of your marketing and losing a lot of money by not using Exit-Intent.

Exit-Intent helps you convert abandoning website visitors into revenue.

Exit-Intent for Ecommerce

You can reduce cart abandonment and increase conversions with the exit-intent pop-ups.

How do you this?

On the final checkout page you can show your shoppers targeted campaigns like:

  • An invitation to chat with a support agent or chat with you
  • A special discount offer for on the spot purchase
  • An opportunity to download your lead magnet by joining your mailing list

Here are some case studies.

Exit-Intent for Content Marketing

Exit-Intent can also be used to grow your email list and be used in free trial sign ups.

You can offer campaigns like:

A download to a free ebook or case study – this free ebook can be a character side story or backstory. It can also be your debut novel or a collection of tips on something.

Sign up for your free webinar – your webinar can be a 30 minutes workshop on writing tips or a coaching session.

Book a free consultation – you can offer free actionable advice on how to get more book sales, or how to optimize their social media to gain more leads.

OptinMonster’s exit-intent pop-ups work on all types of websites and thus you can boost your conversions no matter what website you use.1

So are you ready to boost your conversions? Let’s get started with OptinMonster today!


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