How to Easily Create Awesome Coupon Popups that Drive Sales

How to Easily Create Awesome Coupon Popups that Drive Sales

So everyone has coupon popups on their website.


Because they work.

They help you boost conversions and ultimately drive sales. And who doesn’t want to drive sales on their products.

I know I do!

And like everybody I love a good discount on products or services. As writers we want our readers to benefit greatly from coupons deals.

Say it with me: Everybody loves a good discount.

That’s why OptinMonster has advanced targeting features that helps you to offer coupons in the right way, at the right time and even to the right people.

And that’s why it’s my duty to tell you all about it so that you too can secure that bag.

In this article, we are going to discuss the purpose of coupons, the benefits of having them on your site, the dos and don’ts of coupon popups, and how to add coupons to your site using OptinMonster.

Before we start get yourself some paper and a pen, secure a quiet spot and grab yourself some happy liquid because we’re about to secure that bag.

What is the purpose of coupons?

Coupons feature specific savings amount and other special offers to help you persuade your readers to purchase specific products and services.

They are so important that it has become an integral or required part in retail.

What are the benefits of Coupon Popups?

  1. You make your readers feel special. For instance, as writers, you may offer the boxset of your books if you have one and instead of giving full price, you do a discount for your readers. I know I’ll love it and it would make me special.
  2. It increases social media following. Once I know a particular person or blogger offers coupons, really good ones on a regular basis, I’ll be quick to follow their social media handles because I want front row seats to all their deals.
  3. Allows promotion of products. So by offering a discount on a certain product you can get your visitors curious about what other products you have.
  4. Grow an email list. Usually to receive the coupon they will need a code that you send to their inbox. Just like that you have collected email addresses and can build your list.
  5. Increases sales, leads, and conversions. The more discounts you offer on your products the more people will want to buy, especially if it’s something they need or that other persons are offering that same product at a higher price.
  6. You become popular. Who does want a little popularity? *wink wink* You can become known for giving the best deals on products and walla, you’re popular.
  7. It increases recurring visitors. For all my bloggers and website owners out there, we know how important this is. Usually, you want to see the percentage of recurring visitors greater than the new visitors, that way you know people frequent your site more than once. With coupons, you can achieve that goal.
  8. Decreases bounce rate. The bounce rate is basically the percentage of time visitors spend on your website before leaving. So you want a low bounce rate which looks good in the Google search engines.
  9. You increase your engagement. Super important in keeping your audience interested in you. You got to be interacting and talking to your visitors. Show persons you care about them.

There are literally more reasons I assume but I think nine (9) reasons as to why coupons popups are just beneficial is good enough to convince you to give it a try. But before you do that, here’s what.

Because persons have no clue how to use coupon popups properly it has earned a bad reputation to the point of being called an abusive form of advertising on the Internet.

So how do ensure that your coupon popups are doing more good than harm?

The Dos and Don’ts of Coupon Popups


  1. Make your coupon popup easy to close
  2. Show popups after delayed time
  3. Match coupons popups with theme of site
  4. Impress with highlights of customer’s benefits
  5. Show in the right place and at the right time


  1. Ask for too much information
  2. Show the same popup every time they visit
  3. Sell products on coupons that are not special deals

Now that we know how to convert our customers into sales and how to do it the right way, let me show you how to add coupon popups to your website using OptinMonster.

Why use OptinMonster to create Coupon Popups?

OptinMonster helps you create the best campaigns so that you can do promotion effectively. You are able to create multiple types of opt-in forms, connect them to your email service, and of course view your analytics to improve them.

How to Create a Coupon Popup

Step 1. Sign up for OptinMonster

You can simply do this by selecting plugins on your WordPress dashboard, add new and search for the OptinMonster plugin. Install and activate it. From there you can create a free account or connect an existing one.

Follow the instructions in the setup wizard to complete your sign up process.

Step 2. Create your Campaign

Choose a template for your popup. Because this is all about coupon making so let’s choose the coupon theme.

coupon popups
coupon popups
coupon popups

Since OptinMonster’s templates are flexible and fully customizable you can design your coupon popup to match the style of your site. So give your campaign a name, choose the website you want the popup on, and let’s Start Building.

coupon popups

OptinMonster’s drag and drop builder allows you to see a live preview on the right and on the left you see the edit tools. Also too the Save button is to the top right corner so make sure and use because you don’t want to lose your work.

coupon popups

You can add images to your coupon by clicking +Add Blocks, then drag and drop the image element as seen in the GIF below.

coupon popups

As was mentioned before, all templates a fully editable which means you can change the color, the submit button, write varying CTA’s, and add various fields.

Step 3. Set up Delivery of your Coupon Code

You can choose to deliver the code immediately on the Success View or send it to their inbox. Since Success View is the default mode, if you want to change it, simply click Button in the Editing Fields Element and click Action.

coupon popups

Under the dropdown menu Form Success Action, select Redirect to a URL and input your URL in the Redirect URL field.

coupon popups

When you’re finished click Save and Publish.

coupon popups

And just like that you’ve created a coupon popup for your products and services that will increase sales.


Coupons persuade visitors to purchase your goods and services at a discounted price.

There are over nine reasons why you should use this time of advertising on your site, including to make your readers special, grow your email list, and increases engagement.

Like everything there are always advantages and disadvantages to using coupon popups and that’s why you need to know the dos and don’ts of using them.

And finally creating a coupon popup with OptinMonster is as easy as 1, 2, 3, literally.

Follow the three steps in this article to start your coupon popup creation and drive sales. Install OptinMonster today, we promise you wouldn’t be disappointed.

For more information on making coupon popups then check out this article.



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