One Man | One Title | One Desire

Grief-Stricken is the only title he wants to wear. And he wears it well.

His Resting Place

What happens when the world you know comes to an abrupt end? The people you love, die. The places you knew, vanish. What happens when all that’s left is YOU and slowly you’re dying too.

Marco Rodriguez – Husband, Father, Grandfather and Fire Chief. All these were titles he was once called by. But then tragedy struck snuffing all his titles away and replacing them with one – Grief-Stricken.

Stuck in a life where sadness abounds from within and the desire to live no longer exist he does the only thing left to do. He goes to his resting place.


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“Love the writing! Great description of characters!”


“I love how this book started and I love the writing style, it makes the book really interesting.”


“I love the way you wrote it really showing his emotions which makes this story so interesting and unique.”



Jewell Nicole is a podcaster, writer, and author of His Resting Place. An award winning author, Jewell spends the better part of her days writing mystery thrillers that keeps her readers on their toes. Jewell lives and works from home and when she’s not writing she can be found with earbuds in ear, book in hand and hot tea within arms reach while lounging under the warmth of a blanket. Fun Fact: She is an avid Sims gamer.