#1 Best Google Analytics on WordPress that you should use on your WordPress Website

#1 Best Google Analytics on WordPress that you should use on your WordPress Website

So you want to install google analytics on WordPress but you have no idea how important your analytics is. Furthermore, you don’t know which is the best google analytics to install on your website.

Well, look no further. This post is all about the four best google analytics on WordPress that you should install on your site.

This post contains affiliate links which means I get a small commission if you make a purchase at no extra cost to you.

Hey Multi-Passionaters,

I’ve been wanting to do this post for a long while. I was unsure if I should make one long, long post or break it up in the necessary sections. And from the tile, I decided to break it up. I have no idea how much post I will be categorizing under Tools and Resources but we’ll see.

Today it’s all about google analytics on WordPress. Heck! Most of the time it’s all about the analytics.

What exactly is google analytics and why do we need them?

Before we launch off into analytics land you would need a WordPress website to install your analytics on. Get your website for a discount on Siteground using this link and pay only $3.95 per month on your next Startup Pan.

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Okay, now that you have your web hosting we can continue.

So according to Google, analytics is information resulting from the systematic analysis of data or statistics. Yea, that Google’s definition. It’s all about turning raw data into insight for making better decisions.

Analytics is used in decision-making, projections, and many other things. And as writers, bloggers and those who own websites we need analytics.

They show us where our traffic is coming from, increases in traffic and how we can better our website to gain more traffic. It’s all about the traffic.

Because traffic means more subscribers which means potential clients that equal money, we need traffic that’s in time, in real-time. We need to be able to go onto our website and see how many users are actively present at that time.

As website owners we need to know if our post is bringing in the required traffic. We need to know which post is bringing in more traffic and why. And all this has to be done at our convenience.

So what do I use to get the perfect results on my website? I choose 4 analytics tools to help me optimize my traffic and become successful at blogging.


google analytics on WordPress

Why MonsterInsights? Because it’s by far the best analytic tracker there is. But before I blab about how much I really love this company let me tell you what is MonsterInsights.

They are the #1 Best Google Analytics on WordPress used on a WordPress website.

That’s it. That one sentence should tell you everything you need to know about this tool. But how about we dig a little deeper.

Why are they the best?

For starters professionals use them. And if pros are using a tool you know that tool is working top of the line, especially if it’s over 2 million pros. You want to own a website and look like a pro, then MonsterInsights can help you accomplish that.

What else is MonsterInsights doing for their users? This easy yet powerful tool has universal tracking, enhanced e-commerce tracking, even affiliate link and ads tracking. That’s tracking on track.

Real-Time Stats

As writers and bloggers, we need to know who is on our website in real-time and what they are doing. And we need to know which post on our blog or page is the most popular.

MonsterInsights provides us not only with real-time stats but also page-level analytics. Now you can see the popular post, page, and section of your website.

This has come in very handy for me because now I know what my readers love and it has helped me to breakdown my target audience and deal with them.

Also because of Insights, I was able to see that my most visited page was the homepage. Like DUH! But because I use Pinterest to drive most of my traffic I assume that my post page would be the most visited.

Anyways my homepage was not attractive to say the least and I recognized that if I want my readers to stay on my site longer my homepage needed to be attractive and draw readers in. And I did that with freebies.

Google Analytics on WordPress

Another awesome thing about Insights is that they make it extremely easy to get all this information through none other than a Plugin. Yes, my people, the MonsterInsights Plugin allows you to set up Google Analytics on your site in minutes without prior knowledge of coding.

How great is that!

Audience Reports

I feel like I’m not being convincing enough. Like I need some help. Some visual help. The image below is the audience report on my site. And because of the plugin, I am able to access this right on my dashboard.

So, to the top, you can see the age and gender of those visiting the site. This is great because now you know if your site attracts more females or males and what age groups.

That’s handy because you can tailor your information to suit.

Then, we have the top countries. These are where your users are mostly from. As you can see my users are mainly from Trinidad and the US. Of recent, I recognize India and South Africa have climbed the ladder.

google analytics on WordPress

Next to that, there is what these users are mainly interested in, that is your most popular blog post and then we have the devices they use.


This is great because you can adjust your content to be readable on all devices and yes, it’s mobile-friendly. Also to, new and returning visitors give you a great idea if you are attracting the same people.

Website Behavior Reports

So this image shows you your sessions, your pageviews, how long someone is staying on your website and the percentage when they decide to bounce.


Below, shows you the top referrals, that is how persons found your website. As you can see my top referrals are Pinterest and Twitter.


When I say MonsterInsights has the insight into everything WordPress, I mean it. If you don’t have the awesome plugin installed on your website then you’re wasting time and definitely not blogging right.

So, don’t waste time. When you install WordPress on your website ensure that MonsterInsights is a necessary plugin that you install along with all your other plugins. Then you will be able to better serve your audience.

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Pinterest Analytics

I love checking Pinterest analytics. I do it every day or I used to do it every day. It’s an unhealthy habit to be doing so often but it’s so addictive. When I wake up in the morning it was the first thing I checked because I wanted to see what monthly viewers I got overnight.

Then one day my viewers stopped increasing and it stayed so for three days and that got me depressed. So I decided I will check it weekly, in that way it can have time to record the necessary information.

With that being said, why do Iu see Pinterest analytics? Well because I use Pinterest. And if you ask any logical, smart thinking person they would tell you that if you’re a blogger or website owner you need to be on Pinterest.

It’s where bloggers especially drive the most traffic. Why? Because Pinterest is a visual search engine, so making pretty graphical pins is your gateway to success. And about 80% of Pinterest users are females.

So with that knowledge, you can know how to design your pins to appeal to that gender which results in more clicks and saves. But for convincing I’m going to show you some great aspects of Pinterest Analytics.

Unique Monthly Viewers

When you create a business profile, your analytics is automatically added. From your profile page, you can see the monthly viewers that visit your page each month. This number increases if you have found favor with the Pinterest algorithm.

And you want to find favor with them because these unique viewers can turn into potential clients who visit your website. The more Pinterest viewers the more potential traffic to your blog which means the better chance readers will sign up for your freebies and eventually pay for a product.

So, when you start on Pinterest you want to create a business profile so that you track how many persons are visiting or seeing your pins on a monthly basis.

Analytics Overview

On the top left corner, you can see analytics > overview. Here is your analytic dashboard which tells you your top boards and pins and gives you an overview of the traffic.

Let’s break it down some more.

To the top, we have impressions, total audience, engagements, and engaged audience. From the picture, you can see the impressions are almost 40K. The higher your impressions give you an indication of how good your SEO is.

Next, there is a graph giving you an image of what your analytics looks like over a 30-day period. You can select the drop-down box to view different graphs or the plus sign to compare.

As you can see I have compared my impressions with my engagements.

From the graph, while my impressions are really high my engagements need to improve. This now tells me that I need to do something in order to improve those engagements. Now I can implement a strategy to get my engagements higher.

Top Boards

Now if you are in a niche and find that you’re not getting the amount of traffic required, your top boards can let you know which niche you should really be focusing on. This picture shows you that my top board is Writing Tips for Beginners.

Now that I know that I can start creating more content for that board and design pins to drive my viewers to my website. This also means that the foremost posts on my website should be about writing and helping new writers.

Then I can see that my homepage on my website needs to attract writers and readers. So using freebies that writers would want and offering a free writing course should get my readers more engaged on my website.

So Pinterest analytics can actually help to know whether or not the niche you are in is viable.

Top Pins

So the platform takes it a step further by showing you the statistics for each pin. While one board may be very popular in impressions, a pin in another board may be the most successful in impressions.

Take a look at this pin. It offers a freebie and as you can see the impressions are over 3K+.

However, if I were to select engagements that pin before becomes third on the chart and a new pin takes the top spot. And this new pin is not part of the popular board from before.

Analytics offers a wide range of options so that you can optimize your platform and drive insane traffic to your blog. You can get audience insights to know where your boards are best placed.

So, my advice to my fellow readers, if you’re a writer who owns a blog or website and you should, or if you’re a blogger, Pinterest becomes your best friend and analytics is your soulmate.


Twitter Analytics on WordPress

Moving on to the third statistics tool I use and love. So after I leave Pinterest I run to Twitter. From the information before you can see my top 2 referrals come from Pinterest and Twitter.

So when I enter my profile I click the more button and select Twitter Analytics. Now according to my frequent presence on the platform, I get different results.

This is also great because now you can know if you’re not active for a certain period of what happens. You can see and analyze and even time when you will be active on the platform.

The first thing Twitter offers is their summary for the 28 day period. From this picture, my summary is all red which is not good. This is because my activity on the platform has been very limited.

WordPress add google analytics

Next, we can see our tweet highlights. So there is our top tweet, top mention, top follower and top media tweet. And on the right side a month summary of how many tweets we sent out and their impressions.

Also to how many times our profile was visited and how many mentions we got for the month. And then if we gain or lose any followers.

Tweet Activity

So Twitter gets more depth as regards our individual tweets. On the whole, you can see in this graph the total amount of impressions that all your tweets for that month combined.

WordPress adding google analytics

If you hover over it you can on which day and how many tweets were sent that day. You get to record the organic impressions as well. And organic anything is what everyone is about these days.

As we go further Twitter breaks down your impression to an average per day. You have the engagement rate and link clicks for the month. There are also retweets, likes, and replies recorded in that statistic chart.

google analytics for WordPress

And they take it even further not only with videos but now they have conversion tracking. This platform is helping you to optimize your post and drive users to your website all with the cool analytics.

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Google Analytics for WordPress

WordPress google analytics

So after I have exhausted myself looking at all these analytics I like to head over to Google Analytics on WordPress for the fun of it. I told you, in the beginning, I have a very unhealthy analytic habit.

But I promise this is the last analytic stop. What do I love about Google Analytics? Here are a few things this platform really has on me that has drawn me in.

Active Users

The minute I log into the account I can see who is on my site, first thing. Then it tells me the page views per minute, the top active pages, and their active users. As you can see I currently have zero but what else should I expect as a new blogger. LOL

google analytics on WordPress

Next, as I scroll, I get to see my acquired users in a totally different graph. But it’s the box next to it on the right that really brings a smile to my face.

Audience Intelligence Insights. That box has commended me for reaching a new peak in my monthly viewers. It tells me how my website has performed for the week.

google analytics on WordPress

And if there is a box commending me on the performance I get excited because it means my website is doing well and I need all the motivation I could get even if it’s from some graphs because I am a new blogger and all this is pretty new to me.

User Visitation

So this is the last thing I will talk about. Mainly because I could talk about analytics the whole day for a week and not be tired. Like my mom says stop showing me analytics and show me dollar signs. I’m obsessed.

Anyways, look at this very interesting tool.

google analytics on WordPress

They let you know at what time and day people visit or are frequent on your website. This is great for when you want to schedule your post. From the graph, Wednesdays at 3 PM is a great time for me to post.

In order to get the best results, you can post at times people are more present on the platform. The other pictures show a different graph as to where the people live and then the third pic gives you an idea of the devices being used.

I’m pretty sure Google Analytics on WordPress has many more features of which I have not explored yet. And I’m pretty sure I will be exploring it as I go along. Remember I am obsessed with seeing my numbers grow even if it’s slow.

So that’s it, guys. That’s my top best google analytics on WordPress in that order. Remember this a serial post so stay tuned for the next post in this series. Don’t forget to share this post with your friends because sharing is caring and we all need someone to care for us at this time.


google analytics on WordPress


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