Easy How To Make Your Google Analytics CCPA Compliant

Easy How To Make Your Google Analytics CCPA Compliant

Is your site California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) compliant? What about the plugins you use? Say for instance, Google Analytics.

This very popular analytic tool is used by millions of websites to track site performance, understand user behavior and collect personal data.

Yet if it doesn’t meet CCPA compliance such data collection can do more harm than good.

So how do you make sure your Google Analytics is compliant with CCPA?

In this article we are going to discuss that and I’m going to show you how to make Google Analytics CCPA compliant with MonsterInsights.

But first what is CCPA?

What is CCPA?

CCPA is the abbreviated form for California Consumer Privacy Act which is a comprehensive data protection law in the United States. The effective date was January 1, 2020 and became enforceable on July 1, 2020.

The Aim of CCPA

This law enhances privacy rights and consumer protection for residents of California and calls for transparency by business and organizations with the personal data that they collect, how they use such data and to whom they share it with.

Residents under CCPA compliance have the right to…

  • Be informed as to how your website collects, sells, discloses or even shares their personal data and information.
  • Have data deleted
  • See what data has been collect about them in the last 12 months
  • Equal services and price
  • Opt-out

Who needs CCPA Compliance?

CCPA doesn’t apply to everyone like GDPR which is the European data privacy law. Your business meets such requirements if:

  • Your annual gross revenue is $25 million of more
  • 50% of your annual revenue comes from selling consumer personal information
  • You buy, sell, or receive 50,000+ consumer personal information, devices, or households

If you do not comply with CCPA and are found intentionally in violation of the law, the penalty faced could be up to $7,500. Unintentional violators may be fined up to $2000.

So now that we understand what the CCPA is all about, is Google Analytics CCPA Compliant?

Google Analytics + CCPA Compliance

You’re probably wondering what does this have to do with Google and his Analytics.

Google Analytics helps you understand how people interact with your website by giving the visitors on your website a UserID that records personal information.

Thus, this falls under the CCPA’s explanation. So how do you ensure GA complies with the CCPA requirements?

Make Google Analytics CCPA Compliant

In these following steps, we are going to make our Google Analytics CCPA compliant.

Step 1: MonsterInsights + EU Compliancee Addon

Install the MonsterInsights plugin on your website and install the EU Compliance addon. The EU Compliance addon automates different processes to meet CCPA.

With this addon, you can remove identifying details, disable personal tracking data, and more.

Go to Insights > Addons > EU Compliance

When installed and activated go to Insights > Settings > Engagement and scroll down to EU Compliance where you can change the settings in GA to comply with CCPA.

google analytics ccpa compliant

Step 2: Opt-Out Consent Box

Now you have to create an opt-out consent box because one of the CCPA’s rights allows users to opt-out if they don’t want to share their personal data with third parties. 

You can use a free WordPress plugin that offers a built-in option and easily integrates with MonsterInsights.

Step 3: Privacy Policy Update

Because California citizens have the right to be informed you need to update your privacy policy. Inform persons who visit your site that your website uses Google Analytics, the personal information it collects, and what you do with it.

You should include details about the different cookies you use and outline the process that visitors can take if they want to see their stored data and how it can be deleted.


CCPA is now enforceable by law from July 1, 2020 and if you meet the requirements and use GA, then with MonsterInsights you can easily comply with the new law by using the EU Compliance addon and disabling the tracking.

Become CCPA Compliant today!



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