Nano Series: How to Create Complex Characters

“Steve Goodhold was a good kid. He got good grades and was never late to class. Little did everyone know that he spent his nights working as an internet hacker for a modern Mafioso who he met through his older cousin, Peter.”

“Steve didn’t need much sleep, which was a good thing. He slept maybe two hours a night, and spent the rest of his time stealing identities,wiring funds, and making more money than both his parents combined. He told himself he was saving for college, but the thrill of his secret life of crime was steadily eroding his interest in an Ivy League education.” – Nano Prep Workbook

Did that pique your interest? Would you like to more about Steve and whether or not his secret life will turn out for a good or bad?

Most people think that an intriguing plot is what makes a story good, but the truth is that exciting plots are made up of original and well-developed characters.

In this episode, we will dive deeper into how you as the writer can create believable complex characters, that’s going to move the emotions of your readers and allow you to create a page turner.

And I have some bonus questions for you that’s going to help you create intriguing characters.

Are you ready? Let’s dive in!

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