Character Interview Questions – Miracle Gray (Advocate of Positive Mental Health Awareness)

Character Interview Questions – Miracle Gray (Advocate of Positive Mental Health Awareness)

So these character interview questions are going to long and thorough and will help you to get an insight into the character behind the book Gray Matters.

Miracle Gray suffers from a mental illness and in this interview, we are going to talk all about it while spreading positivity on the subject.

Are you ready?

character interviews questions

Hey, Multi-Passionaters, welcome back to Jewellz Pages, the place where writers blog. I hope you are having a good day despite this whole pandemic situation and really keeping safe.

Have you been able to get some writing in because I know the only writing I’ve done to my current manuscript is all in my head? But if you have done some writing even if it was only fifteen minutes, congratulations.

And now I really do hope you are ready for some, “Get to Know your Character.”

Today on our blog for the first time ever, she is coming out of the shadows and showing her face for the very first time.

She is the author of The Occupants, a mystery thriller that gives you the point of view of a mentally ill person from their standpoint. She’s also a strong advocate of positivity when it comes to mental illness.

Please welcome, the protagonist of Gray Matters, Ms. Miracle Starlet Gray.

*and the crowd goes wild*

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    N: It such a huge honor and great pleasure to be able to feature here on this blog. How are you?

    M: Nervous, I really thought being in front of so many people wouldn’t be this nerve-wracking.

    N: Then let’s make this snappy so you can return to your laptop and inner chambers. We are going to start with some basic questions and then work our way up. Are you ready for some character interview questions?

    M: *nods*

    N: We know your full name is Miracle Starlet Gray but do you have any nicknames? And if so who calls you this?

    M: I have one nickname and that is Mira. I believe my best friend, Brie started calling me that when we were younger and it stuck.

    N: Where and when were you born?

    M: I was born on May 20th, 2001 in the wettest part of England. That would make me 19 this month.

    N: Who are or were your parents?

    M: My father was Reginal Gray, a secret service agent with the agency. He passed away three years ago. And my mother, Natalie Scott, well the last time I saw her was in the distance at my father’s funeral.

    N: I’m sorry about your lost. Do you have any siblings and what are they like?

    M: You know I do have siblings and in my limited experience with them, they are not my cup of tea.

    N: Where do you live now and with whom?

    M: Currently I’m residing in America on the college campus with Brie Lockwood. She is my roommate.

    N: Are you right or left-handed?

    M: That’s a peculiar question. I am left-handed most of the time.

    N: Most of the time? Okay. These character interview questions are getting some very interesting answers. On what occasions do you lie?

    M: Oh, Nicole, I’m an honest person. I take the facts and suit them to my needs and that’s the answer I give. I never lie. *wicked smile*

    N: Do you have any annoying habits or quirks?

    M: I feel like Brie needs to be here, because she would be able to answer you so much better. But my annoying habits, let me see. Brie tells me that I have a resting B face, whatever that means and it annoys her and also I spontaneously wink when I’m speaking.

    N: And here I thought you were communicating in a different language with me. I’ll let you know what’s resting B face when we meet in the dressing.

    M: *smiles*

    N: So you seem to have an eye for color as I can see from the purple ombre and purple contacts. Tell us do you have any tattoos, piercings, or scars? How did you get your scars and what is the meaning behind your tattoos?

    M: I have one scar that runs from my neck straight down my body and you’ll have to read Gray Matters to find out how I got that. I promise it’s a page-turner. As for my tattoos, I will speak about four.

    The open book on my inner wrist signifies my journey into the writing world and I got it when I published my first novel, The Occupants. Also to it shows that I really put myself out there, so in a way I was an open book.

    I have my name tattooed in three different places on my body. I have Born by a Miracle on the inner of my arm right below the crease of the elbow and I got this at sixteen. The meaning is published in Gray Matters.

    Then I have, Live like a Star, higher on my arm but more on the inside. I also have Gray Matters on the outer of my wrist and all these are on my right hand.

    The reason being i like to look at them when I’m scribbling in my notebook and I got them when my dad passed away. He used to call me his little Miracle.

    As for piercings, I told Brie I would stop after my fifth. So I have a navel ring just because, and I have three piercings on my lower ear, one on the higher and a migraine piercing.

    N: Wow! Who wrote these character interview questions? They are quite extensive. Next up, what phrases or words you overuse?

    My favourite phrase is “Oh British Isles.” It makes absolutely no sense but it’s what I used to say when I was a child because Bloody Hell was forbidden and also taken.

    N: What would you describe as the most important event in your life?

    M: Being nominated for the Arts, Science and Culture award and actually seeing the look on my rival face when she found out. it was priceless, so much so Gray Matters has it all recorded.

    N: Who has had the most influence on you?

    M: My father. He is the motivating force behind everything I do even if he is not here.

    N: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

    M: My first published novel, The Occupants. I have literally struggled with myself, those in my head to actually get it printed and published. And I have another one. I embroidered a mural that is 12×12 feet for my room back in England.

    N: What do you consider your greatest regret?

    M; I don’t have regrets. Everything I’ve done has been planned since the beginning.

    N: What’s the most evil thing you remember you’re done?

    M: It was not all me. There was someone there in the headspace cheering me on. But I broke a girl’s jaw in high school because she was talking smut about my father and my grandmother had to get called in.

    N: Oh Miracle! I’m not regretting these character interview questions, at all.

    M: That’s not the best part. You know how you have to sit in the office waiting, I was actually in the principal’s office. Big mistake. His phone was on the desk and it started ringing and so the evil in me told me to answer it.

    It was his wife. So I answered in this sultry tone that got her anxious and asking a lot of questions and it caused a lot of trouble between them. And while I was doing that I saw on his desk that he had suspension papers filled out, so I burned them.

    N: Miracle you burnt the papers? And whatever happened to the principal and his wife?

    M: Don’t ask me. Next question.

    N: Do you have a criminal record?

    M: Not yet

    N: So you have intentions? How is it that you set fire in an office and didn’t get a rap sheet?

    M: They called my therapist and she deemed it was all mental ill-related and said that I needed more therapy. So they erased everything off record and replaced it with a mental ill patient file.

    No one made the mistake of talking smut about my father after that incident.

    N: If you could change one thing from your past, what would it be?

    M: I would definitely bring my father back. There is so much that has happened with my mental state, and my family and even college that I would love to share with him.

    N: What is your biggest secret?

    M: Now if I told you it wouldn’t be a secret, would it? But you can read all about it in Gray Matters.

    N: What is your greatest fear?

    M: Dying lonely. I think people think that because you have a mental illness that you want to be alone or isolated and that is far from the truth.

    That is the time when you need people around who actually know what you are going through and support you no matter what. That is what keeps me from trying to rip my brains out.

    N: Do you believe in true love?

    M: Most definitely. I believe that my best friend truly loves me.

    N: Clever one. Are you able to kill? Under what circumstances is killing acceptable?

    M: Of course. But only in self-defense.

    N: How close are you to your family?

    M: As close as the sunset is from the sunrise.

    N: Describe your best friend. What do you value most in her?

    M: Brie is a thickums with green eyes and fiery colored hair. She has an easy-going personality which is why so many love her.

    And what I value most in her is her loyalty. She has literally left England and traveled to America just to be at my side. It has brought her great perks, though.

    N: Who would you turn to if you were in desperate need of help?

    M: My therapist. She always has the best advice and right solutions for any problem.

    N: Do you trust anyone to protect you?

    M: Physically no. I have self-defense training. Legally I would call my brother. He is one the best defense attorneys in England. He’s very good at lying.

    N: Who do you despise most? Why?

    M: My grandmother and there are so many reasons I think you would have to read Gray Matters to find out.

    N: Your fans really picked some great character interview questions. Let’s talk about your favorites. Favorite hobby?

    M: Rockclimbing. Don’t look at me like that. yes, I ahve allergies but being among nature feels so right and helps with the constant chatter

    N: Favourite food?

    M: Buttered shrimps. Just shrimps on the whole.

    N: Favorite genre to read?

    M: Mysteries. It’s also my favorite genre to write.

    N: Most treasured possession?

    M: My 18th-century black diamond-encrusted necklace. It’s engraved with my initials and was given to me by my grandfather.

    N: Do you smoke, drink or use drugs?

    M: I only drink in England where it’s legal

    N: How do you spend a typical Saturday night?

    M: Usually on some adventure with the girls in college. Amanda loves sneaking around and discovering clues and so I go along. It’s a lot of fun and helps with inspiratiion.

    N: So your readers have recognized you don’t show the happy emotion and they want to know, what makes you happy or laugh?

    M: Good question. Brie’s expressions, when she does an impersonation of persons, It’s pretty funny. The happy emotion isn’t shown as much because my other alter has taken most of it. She’s the excitable one.

    N: How do you deal with stress and pain?

    M: I go into the headspace. I have other personalities to deal with that and they take over. It’s not like I have a choice in the matter.

    N: What are your pet peeves?

    M: Smoking and pratical jokes. I really hate smoking because all I see is the effects of the substance and having a knowledge of what the substance can do to an individual and their families. I really hate it.

    N: Where would you like to live and why?

    M: In the tropics, somewhere like the Caribbean because it’s warm and breezy. In America, the summers are so hot and in England, it’s so cold and wet, at least where I grew up.

    N: Do you like yourself?

    M: Most times

    N: What are three words you would use to describe yourself and three words others would use?

    M: I would say I am a cautious, silent daredevil, which makes absolutely no sense. And persons think I am a quiet, stubborn snob.

    N: We are coming up to the last of the character interview questions. What do you have in your pockets and nightstand?

    M: Gum in my pockets but I don’t chew. My phone and my black diamond-encrusted pen knife.

    On my nightstand there is a picture of me and my father and of course water. And in my nightstand I have meds and a dagger.

    And before you ask, it’s for self-defense. I’m a little paranoid.

    N: What do you wear most on your feet?

    M: Boots, always. It’s for protection because m,y allergies will surely take over if I don’t wear them.

    N: Last of the character interview questions. What smells do you associate with your childhood?

    M: That’s a good one to end with. There is a bakery in America that specializes in raisin infused chocolate pastries. It reminds me of when the chef would prepare Sunday breakfast for us back in England.

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