Character Interview Questions – Benjamin Gray (Defense Attorney)

Character Interview Questions – Benjamin Gray (Defense Attorney)

So we are back at it again with another set of character interview questions. The last time we were here we had the privilege to interview an advocate of positive mental health awareness in the form of Miracle Gray.

Today we are going to be interviewing her brother, Ben and to do so we will call on his sister, the wonderful Reign Gray.

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Hey everyone, welcome back to Jewellz Pages. I’m Reign Gray, Ben’s sister and another character from the murder mystery, Gray Matters. If you haven’t yet, please download the first chapter of this book. It’s FREE!

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    Nicole thought it would be a great idea for the characters to interview other characters in the book and so hence why I am here about to ask my brother some hot burning questions.

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    And now, it’s time for, “Get to Know your Character.”

    He is ruthless, sharp, and quick on the draw and for the first time ever is making an appearance in all his attorney glory, please welcome my brother, Sir Benjamin Reginald Gray.

    *and the crowd goes wild*

    R: So Ben, I’m really looking forward to doing this. I get to do a character interview on my brother and find out all the things I will never in Gray Matters. And I’m sure the readers would want to know a little bit more about you before the book launches.

    B: It’s a great honor to be present in royalty.

    R: Do you, Benjamin Gray promise to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, so help you, God?

    B: I’ve never been on the other side of the bench before. It’s seriously hot in here. But as much as I’m legal to do, I will tell the truth.

    R: Please state your full government name for the record and tell us if you have any nicknames.

    B: My name is Benjamin Reginald Gray and everyone calls me Ben. Everyone except grandmother Eleanor, she likes to call me Regi.

    R: Who were your parents and what were they like?

    B: Reginald Charles Gray was my father. In the earlier, I had little dealings with him. I never saw him much but I knew he sent money every month. And when mom died then we got to know a little better.

    He was a nice individual. Taught me how to tie a tie among other things. And well mom, she was an excitable human being as much as I could remember.

    R: Yea, mom used to dance around the tables at home singing to the top of her lungs. Next question, where are you currently living and with whom?

    B: So I live in the Cheltenham mansion in England and currently residing with you, Reign, and the staff. We have Lex, the driver, and Marge and Lindsay.

    R: On what occasions do you lie?

    B: Every bloody time I’m in court. *laughs* I’m going to retract that statement. So I’m a lawyer and the common notion is that lawyers are liars. I can’t say that I haven’t bent the law in my defense or my clients. I can’t say that I enjoy it either.

    R: This character interview just took a huge turn. I don’t think anyone is going to trust a thing that comes out your mouth in Gray Matters. Moving on! Do you have any tattoos, piercings, or scars? And how did you get them?

    B: No tattoos mainly because I never got around to actually getting one and I honestly don’t know what I’ll get. I have lots of scars and you know that Reign. It’s mostly on my back and legs from all the climbing of trees and playing wildly.

    And I did pierce my ears a few years ago but I don’t wear any earrings in them. I actually did because my friend dared to me get them done and they thought I wouldn’t. proved them wrong.

    R: Ben piercing his ears because of a dare. I did not know in this character interview, I would find that out. Which word or phrase do you overuse?

    B: Overruled. I say it a lot in court and then even in my personal conversations with you and the staff when I don’t agree with something or I can’t deal with that situation right now, I say it.

    R: Yes and with a slam of the fist to add emphasis. Did you enjoy school?

    B: Of course. I was a very popular kid and I wasn’t even on a sports team. It was mainly because I’m mixed so a lot of people just gravitated towards me.

    R: You sure it’s not because you had a rich daddy?

    B: Well that too. Good looks, sweet personality and money gains you popularity in high school and college.

    R: This is the first time I’ve seen you so full of yourself. What would you consider the most important event in your life, so far?

    B: Right now, it would be dad’s life anniversary party. That coming up soon and I muist say it makes me feel closer to him because we have to go through the old photos and gather his stuff.

    R: Yea, it’s a lot of work and memories. What would be your greatest achievement?

    B: Uh, greatest achievement would be reaching the height of my career at 24. I think it’s something unheard of, especially in a small town like Green Lawns. So it was important to me that I actually show persons that they can achieve anything even at a young age.

    R: And one that same note, what was your main reason for becoming a lawyer?

    B: I think I changed my scope when father died. Because I wanted to be in law enforcement or security, protected people like father. But then Mira kept saying that he didn’t commit suicide and that it was all a set up and people were lying.

    Now at fifteen I didn’t take her on because I know it was a shock and she was in denial. But it kept nagging at me and a part of me wonder what if. So I changed my majors because I felt that if I couldn’t help my fsther at least I will be able to bring to justice others.

    R: How noble! What is one thing you and I have in common?

    B: I would have to say a sense of style when it comes to social events. We like the grand balls and English elite parties where you get to do wine tastings and eat English muffins.

    R: So true. Wearing those amazing gowns is a highlight that we enjoy. We get invited to so many parties on a yearly basis and somehow grandma Eleanor is always there. Oh, this is a good one. What is the evilest thing you’ve done?

    B: Evil? There was a one time Jake and I stole his father’s car. We were like 15 and Jake kept saying that he hated his father because of the abuse so we took the car and drove it down the highway, scraping it against the walls.

    Then we parked it in this abandoned warehouse and in the trunk there were two baseball bats and we smashed every glass and bomb sprayed the entire thing. We changed the color. It was a good stress reliever from school.

    R: How come I did not know about that? This character interview is getting weirder by the second. What is your biggest secret Benjamin? Your deepest darkest secret?

    B: It isn’t exactly a secret because Mira knows.

    R: So wait, I am I the only person that doesn’t know?

    B: No, only Mira knows.

    R: Can I guess what it is?

    B: No, that’s why there is a book called Gray Matters. You’ll find out then and it’s probably going to shock you. It’s probably going to shock all the readers.

    R: Now I’m even more curious to find out and eager to see how this book unfolds. Who would you turn to if you were in desperate need of help?

    B: Grandma Eleanor. She’s the closest thing to adult that we have. You would think we’re not adults but you need a wise old person to give old advice.

    R: And you would turn to grandma Eleanor to get that? Okay.

    B: Who would you turn to?

    R: That is one thing you would find out in my character interview when it comes around. What is something you find most annoying about me?

    B: Your outfits. I understand your line of work, I do. And to a certain extent, I guess what you wear really doesn’t matter but it still bums me out. I don’t get the outfit choice.

    R: You sound just like Mira. If it wasn’t for this character interview I would never have found out that. Moving on, describe your best friend.

    B: Jake is pretty awesome. Physically or…?

    R: Both. Tell us what he looks like and the type of individual he is.

    B: Jake is short and blonde. Ladies man and my golf partner. The one thing we have in common is golfing. He’s not a drinker and he visits the strip club too many times. But deep inside he’s a sweet guy. Doesn’t believe in abuse of any kind.

    R: Go Jake. Probably I can get his number after this interview. Next question, what are your favorite hobbies?

    B: Favorite hobbies would be golfing if that’s considered a hobby and not a sport. And I like penmanship. Doing handwriting fonts, it’s a nice pasttime.

    R: I didn’t know you like font writing. What is your favorite color?

    B: Red

    R: What is your favorite food?

    B: English muffins with blueberry jam and sliced fresh fruit. That’s a healthy, hearty breakfast.

    R: I said favorite food, not favorite breakfast. Favorite books?

    B: Anything to deal with social sciences and how people interact with other people and why they do what they do.

    R: Typical nerdy Benjamin. What is your most treasured possession?

    B: Sarah.

    R: Really Sarah?

    B: I’m kidding. She’s not going to like this character interview. My most treasured possession would be the mansion because of its significance and history. Sorry Sarah.

    R: If you get a call and one of your siblings is in jail, who would it be and what would be the crime they committed?

    B: One hundred percent, Miracle Gray and I would believe she committed murder. Her face is enough to cut through you. When she actually sees this interview, I think she’s going to appreciate this answer.

    R: We are coming into the close of this character interview and we have about three more questions again. What ingredients would you use to make a sandwich?

    B: That’s a question? Um, let’s see, bacon, ham, cheese, mustard and pepper. I like multiple meat sandwiches.

    R: Make a choice. Success or good looks?

    B: Both. I have good looks and I’m pretty successful. I think if you have good looks you can become successful.

    R: That’s not the answer Ben. Last question. Why should mystery-thriller fans read Gray Matters?

    B: Gray Matters is a murder mystery that centers on the main character finding out what really happened to her father. Through a series of events and some assistance from strange forces, Miracle unfolds the mystery.

    The book focuses greatly on positivity in mental health because too many times mental patients are deemed ‘crazy’. So this book offers positive and negative light on the matter and it’s an all round genuine read.

    R: Benjamin Gray we want to thank you for coming here and doing a character interview with us. And I want to thank Nicole for allowing me the opportunity to interview my brother.

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    And there you have it. Another happy interviewee. As customary we will break for commercial but when we return you can have the opportunity to find out who will be our next interviewee. For a chance to have your character interviewed then please send us a message right here.

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    Gray Matters
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