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I'm Jewell Nicole. I Help Writers Get Visible & Get Their Books Into Readers Hands.

Once a upon a time there was a little girl who wrote her second published novel at eleven. And little did she know that her novel would change her life course forever.

Picture this! You’re sitting at your study desk, typing the end for the 50th time. Yes you have 49 successfully published novels under your belt. Not to mention the many awards and trophies you’ve won. You’ve managed to master the elusive writing schedule which has pushed you to the top of bestselling list and allowed you to earn a fulltime income from your writing.

Does this sound like your kind of success? For many writers become a successful published author and earning money from their writing is just a dream. Yet other writers are living this reality. What’s the difference? For dream to become a reality action must be taken. A plan must be created.

My question to you is, what does success look like to you?

My name is Jewell Nicole. I’m a mystery suspense author, book marketing coach, planner addict, and hardcore gamer.

Just like you, I thought it was impossible to earn money from writing, let alone a fulltime income. And boy was I wrong.

Every time I talked to a fellow writer, they had one problem – book marketing. They didn’t think that it was possible to be successful at publishing without sacrificing time, innate amounts of money and comfort.

Pretty soon many were telling me that they had similar problems. It all surrounded book marketing. The murder suspect, book marketing.


It was during these insightful conversations that the light bulb went off. I realized that sharing what I learned about writing and marketing over the past decade would provide my fellow writers with a honest realistic view of what it takes to become a successful author.

New writers need easy to understand education about the writing and marketing to boost their confidence in their work, establish their author brand identity, build a profitable author platform, regain freedom and control without sacrificing family, personal time, or experiencing burnout.

Too many times my fellow writers have been scammed and taken for a joke because they don’t understand the book marketing process. And that stops today! So I’m going to tell you right now, book marketing is about building a relationship with your ideal readers. Full stop! Period. And you don’t need money to do that.

What you need someone who is trustworthy, provides invaluable help and resources, and delivers timeless information. Someone who does not believe in a one size fits all solution, and who does not see it necessary to spend money on ads to see results.

Through years of experimenting I found that they key to a successful platform was built on a foundation of principles. With that knowledge, I have helped and supported many other writers like yourself to get reviews, create book covers, get featured and get sold out within 24 hours.

And now I’m sharing with you my top tips and strategies that I have personally used to self published two award winning novels, grow multiple platforms without paid advertising.

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Book marketing does not have to be a struggle, and the answer does not lie in trawling through hundreds of freebies and YouTube videos.


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