The ‘WHY’ Behind Finding Your Ideal Readers

One thing you’ll hear me talk about a lot is book marketing. I will be that broken record that keeps playing the same thing over and over just in different ways.

The more I repeat myself and the more I show examples on the same topics the better you as the writer will understand.

Book marketing is about forming a relationship with your ideal readers.

Hands down, when you understand that simple statement, you are automatically in a better position to understand the why, the what and the how behind your ideal readership.

In this episode I outline 10 reasons behind finding your target audience. I also encourage you to do a deep dive to find your personal why to really cement your motivation.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  1. [01:35] Podcast availability
  2. [02:17] Understanding how your ideal readers are part of the book marketing process
  3. [04:44] The Target Reader Mini Course
  4. [05:25] The waitlist opens!!!
  5. [05:37] 10 Reasons why you need your readers
  6. [06:33] Reason 1 – To be successful as an author
  7. [07:29] Reason 2 – Get really specific on marketing
  8. [08:16] Reason 3 – Exactly where they are
  9. [08:48] Reason 4 – Stop worrying about if you have readers
  10. [09:30] Reason 5 – Get clear on what your audience expects
  11. [11:02] Reason 6 – Have alpha, beta, and arc readers
  12. [12:17] Reason 7 – Receive glowing reviews
  13. [12:53] Reason 8 – Have lots of readers
  14. [13:24] Reason 9 – What to do after publishing
  15. [13:54] Reason 10 – Make more money
  16. [15:15] Action Step 1
  17. [15:47] Action Step 2
  18. [16:10] Reminder for mini course

This episode is brought to you by the Target Reader Book Marketing Mini Course. This course delivers step by step, the approach you need to take in order to lay the groundwork for your marketing efforts in the future. You can’t build your book writing future on rocky ground or on sand. It’s got to have a solid foundation. So if you’re struggling with making sales on your books or you find that what you’re doing, the information you’re following is still not working, or you’re already worried that the book you’re writing might not sell, then this mini course is for you.

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  3. One-on-One Coaching
  4. Meet Your Milestones Online Store

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