7+ Simple Yet Productive Projects Every Writer and Blogger can Engage in While Living a Life in Lockdown

Blog Entry – 10032020

Hey, it’s me again. Still here battling the coronavirus just like every other human on this planet. Trying to follow guidelines and be obedient to the authorities.

Let me know in the comments if anyone is actually enjoying the time home because I surely am. Having two businesses operating from home is a dream come true.

And not having to rush out to get anything has me so relaxed. But many do not express my same sentiments and that’s okay. Oh, by the way, are you interested in starting your own website or author platform?

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Anyways when you clicked this post you wanted to read all about what you can do as writers and bloggers while in Coronavirus lockdown. There are numerous activities you can participate in.

I’m just going to name a few and in the comment section let me know what you have done in this Corona crisis. Please share this post with your friends using those social sharing buttons that are floating at the side of the screen.

Every time you share this post you not only make me happy but you help spread awareness.

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This should be obvious because we are writers. But do you know since this lockdown I haven’t picked up my WIP? I intend too but I haven’t.

As writers, we escape reality and enter the world of fantasy that we have created for ourselves. It’s pretty awesome when you think about it. While everyone is battling in the Corona war we are in our little corner creating new worlds – healthy safe worlds.

At least most of us are creating healthy safe worlds. For those writers who are writing dystopia and mystery thrillers, this Coronavirus is the right situation to give us some inspiration.

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So let us as writers pick up that WIP or start a new novel or book, edit our current manuscript or even engage in some character building. You know your character needs some depth and I know it too that’s why I created this FREE Character Worksheet Template.



So let’s speak to my bloggers now. The best thing we can do is blog. If you don’t have a blog the best you can do is start a blog, that’s if you’re interested in making money online.

Get your blog for only $3.95m/o and it comes with a FREE 5-day email course.

So since the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc what can you blog about? Everything Corona. You have loyal readers who trust what you are saying. Capitalize on that.

Why not help them by giving them tips on what you have done during this crisis? Send them comforting emails to assure them that you are thinking about them and that you wish them well.

Are you a DIY blogger then help your readers to not be lazy by engaging in projects that will be beneficial around their home. If you’re a food blogger help them to cook nutritious meals that will build their immune system while they taste great.

Remember your readers are home spending more time on the internet and they would love you to keep them company by giving tips and pointers.

Another thing you can do is schedule posts. When this Coronavirus blows over and you go back to your normal life you’ll be happy you schedule some posts.


girl, woman, read

So there is this book, a really heated romance novel that you’ve been meaning to read for the longest while. But guess what! You work 12-hour shifts and when you reach home you’re so tired that all you can do is bathe, eat and sleep, not in that order.

But then thanks to Corona you have so much time in the world that the romance novel is no longer going to be collecting dust. Or maybe you’re a Millenials modern person and use your tabs and phones to read.

Whichever way it may be the great thing about it is that you’re reading and that is what counts. Save your favourite books, bookmark your favourite author online and catch up on all the latest reading news.

And for my readers who ordered books online and they are still in their wrappings the Coronavirus giving you a chance to show some support to the authors by flipping the pages and becoming engrossed in their world.



Just because we are writers and bloggers doesn’t mean we can DIY sometimes. Every so often we can put our manuscript aside and create something using our creative intellectual powers.

Yes, people, our brains are not only for creating imaginative worlds, but we can also create side tables. I know so random! But that’s what I did.

If I had a working phone with a working camera then I would snap a picture. But I guess I can explain it too. So, guys, I took those large ring binder holders and I painted them in a mild white with blue edging because my room is blue and it’s my favourite colour too.

Anyways I did that and created side tables. They come in so handy now. Let me know what DIY projects you have engaged in and would like to engage in. Another thing is that my mother took plastic bags and crochet them into handbags.

Different colours for different outfits and you what is the shocker? No one recognizes its plastic until she tells them so. Guys, DIY projects are best during this Coronavirus lockdown.


Let’s go outside or if you do indoor gardening I guess you’ll be staying inside. So I know we are suppose to stay inside but we are going to go stir crazy. We need fresh air. And being outside in our backyard is not considered outside if you think about it.

Does that make any sense? Anyways, let’s get some dirt on our hands and boots. If you live in rural areas the place is just filled with gardening space. Capitalize on the Corona by going out there and showing that you’re a flexible writer.

Ain’t no Corona getting you down. What can we plant while we are out in the fresh air? It depends on what country you live in. Where I live, in the Caribbean we can plant short food crops.

These will definitely come in handy when all the groceries have run out of food and we believe ‘we’re all going to die’. Just kidding! Or am I? I have a mint plant, so I guess I’ll be drinking loads of tea,

Oh and I planted some chive the other day, so I will be seasoning my father’s common fowls. And my mother planted some cassava that is more than ready to be reaped. I could just taste it now. Cassava and stew common fowl with a hot cup of mint tea.

I am so Corona ready. If you live in the city and don’t have much dirt outside visit your local hardware and purchase some pots.

Remember to protect yourself.

Get some gardening soil and fertilizer and make a nice cozy part on your ledge. Plant some seeds that you could reap in three months or less. We gotta be Coranavirus ready and up our gardening skills.



No Nicole, no. This is what I will not be doing. I already don’t like washing wares now you want me to clean. What is cleaning going to do for me?\

So that’s how some of you all are sounding right now. Yes, the Coronavirus is wreaking havoc and the health officials said to keep our hands clean but they never said anything about cleaning my house.

How about we take it a step further and say that cleaning your house not only reduces infection it actually stimulates brain cells that can get you inspired.

And now you’re probably wondering why I am I enticing you to clean to find inspiration. It’s a proven fact.

But on a serious note. Cleaning the house helps us to pass time, get exercise and keeps ourselves from getting sick. But let’s face it. The Coronavirus is not the only influenza out there taking the lives of many.

So even if we happen to never get the Corona there are other diseases out there that we can catch and all because we didn’t clean our homes. Besides that, as writers and bloggers, we need to keep our devices sanitized as well.

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Now you are probably thinking that I am over-doing it now. You’re probably saying I am a blogger or I am a writer and we don’t do exercise, we only write about it. And some of us don’t even write about it.

Exercise gets our blood pumping. We sweat out toxins and feel generally refreshed. Our muscles get to stretch because let’s admit it, we don’t usually move about much when we are in the zone.

But during this crisis what better to do than give our body a well-deserved workout. Complement that with some supplements and loads of water and we’ll be nursing our body back to health-giving that immune system the boost it longed for.

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Hey, we can’t be in the lockdown and not play games. That will be an abomination. It’s like the Coronavirus says, here game your lockdown away and we don’t listen. We need to show respect and game.

What sort of games do you guys love to play?

I know I love-love playing Sims. Are there any Sims fans reading this blog. Let me know in the comment section. Another thing that had gotten my full attention is Need for Speed. I honestly haven’t found another car racing game to give me the adrenaline rush this game gives me.

During this Coronavirus lockdown playing Wii is a great past-time. That’s how my siblings are spending their days home from school. So video games are a great distraction and time consumer.

You can also play various board games. Monopoly is a great competitive game that allows you to spend time with your family. Another awesome game is Clue. That gets you to put on your thinking caps. Cards games are fun for laughs.

And if all fails there is always make-belief. Dress up, grab some sticks and defend your kingdom from ogres. Let your imagination run wild and trust me by the time you’re done reading this the COVID-19 would have been history.

Family Time

I hear groaning and sighing. Nobody is interested in spending time with their family. At least in my home-town, the radio announcers are saying many love going to work to avoid their family. Which is weird because those same people can’t wait for the next holiday so they can stay away from work.

What about you? Do you enjoy family time all the time or do you need to get away from them from time to time? If you have kids then it’s probably half-half. And well if you’re the oldest like I am and you have many siblings then you can’t wait for the Corona to leave so they can leave you alone.

But whatever the case may be this is a great time to get to know our family members. No one is too busy getting ready for work that they don’t have time to have breakfast. So now more family meals are being eaten together.

We can play various games with them. Chill in our backyards, front yards and galleries with them. Tell jokes and stories around camp-fire with them. We can even engage them in cleaning and keeping our surroundings clean. The Coronavirus has granted family time, let’s take the opportunity to spend it with them.

Honestly, guys, we have no idea what tomorrow holds. This virus is rapidly spreading and who knows who will be the next victim? Let’s make the most of it by spending quality time with our loved ones.

Binge Watch

So when I’m not writing, blogging or sewing, I can be found wrapped up in my bed with a good movie or series of shows. There are thousands of movies on the web. And even more thousands of TV shows on there. I saw the movie Contagion came out on local television the other day.

During this Coronavirus, many pandemic shows are making a hit. I don’t know if persons are relishing in them or if they are trying to scare themselves but for me, I like to watch comedies and romances. These calm my nerves and keep me in a bubble that I don’t want to escape.

Why not double binge like I am? Want to know what my favourite shows are? Currently, I am watching BONES which probably everyone has already watched out but like the third world country I’m living in, I’m always behind. Gossip Girl is also on my list of binge-watch worthy shows.

Brooklyn 9-9 is there as high priority because I need the laughs during this crisis. And there are so many more shows that can lift our spirits at this time. Let me know in the comments what shows you consider binge-worthy. I may just add to my list.


So the Coronavieus has us inventing new activities. I know cooking is far from a new activity some may even consider it a chore. But hey, for those who can cook the possibilities are numerous. I’m talking about making that upside-down pineapple cake with those red cherries to top it off. Or probably you’ve always wanted to create a truffle, maybe something simple like pies. Whatever it may be, the Corona has allowed us ample opportunity to improve oi our cooking skills.

I know everything I just listed is all about baking but I think you all got the point. For those who only know how to burn water and pressure cook water vapor, how about using this opportunity to actually learn to cook. Trust me, there is nothing to be ashamed of. When I started making bread, they all came out as unfermented cakes.

To this day I’m known as the girl who voluntarily made unfermented cakes and oh, I added baking powder to dumpling because I could remember which ingredient I was not to put in. But you know what? It has been a great journey because now I have so many dishes made by accident that my family loves and well they always look to me as the one to cook.

So try your hand at some new dishes or improve old ones. Start an entire blog on your failures in the kitchen and what you have done to not fail so much. And don’t worry, I’ve been cooking for many, many years and just the other day I set the stove on fire. So it’s all a learning process and I say, “All the best!”


Yay! We are at the end of this lengthy post and we are ending it on a sick beat. Or is it an ill rhythm? When all fails during this Coronavirus we have music to soothe our sore spots and calm our nerves. If you’re like me, you’re probably going to bass music until the roof blows off or until the other family members complain.

Not that we really care if they complain. All we want is Meghan Trainor to keep us company. Or probably you’re a Little Mix fan. Maybe you’re more a 90’s gal. The beautiful thing is that music has been in our generations for thousands of years and whatever our taste maybe there is an ill rhythm to satisfy it.


Let me know what is your favourite activity during this Coronavirus by commenting below and I would really love it if you share this with all your friends and family, because everyone is at home right now and well what better to do that to give some love, support and spread awareness. You could be helping someone who is at loss as to what to do while home. Thank you!


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