69 Easy But Effective Productive Tips that Every Writer, Blogger, and Human can Engage in Due to the Coronavirus Lockdown

69 Easy But Effective Productive Tips that Every Writer, Blogger, and Human can Engage in Due to the Coronavirus Lockdown

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Hey Multi-Passionaters,

It’s day I-stop-keeping-count-because-let’s-face-it-it’s-the-new-normal in the #stopthespread of the Coronavirus and we are in an official lockdown. In our country, they closed our borders very early in the game and started the-life-in-lockdown one week later.

Everyone is making an earnest effort to comply with government laws and staying inside as necessary. The traffic report this morning was nothing. Usually, we have traffic backing up into the city but this morning we were clear.

And I’m sure many other countries are reporting no traffic on their nation’s roadways. But as we listen to the media and read the official WHO website for updates, things can start to get boring.

It’s only so much news we can listen to. And it’s only so much news the media will provide. Not to mention we can get depressed or even scared by the climbing rate of infections.

So, what should we do as a writer, a blogger and all other humans in this time of lockdown? I have listed at least 69 activities that each one can participate in during lockdown. These will also include challenges that you can join.

Ready to #stopbeingbored?

Go to Bed Early

This is probably not the activity anyone wants to hear right about now but guys, now you can really get those 8 hours of sleep that we all need to function. Think about it, when you go to bed early you can get up early.

Plus the way I see it, every time you got to bed early the next day comes quicker which means the steps to make the Corona spread stop happens even faster. It’s also a proven fact that those who sleep for 8 hours a day gives their bodies a fighting chance against diseases.

So go to sleep early and get your 8 hours required hours and be healthier and happier.

Wake up Naturally

How many us actually allow our bodies to wake up when it’s the right time? In this face paced world we are so busy that getting enough sleep is one problem and our alarm is the next.

But with this whole COVID situation we can derive some positivity in that we can wake up when the boduy wants too. And if we wwent to bed early then our 8 hours will omplete artound 5 or 6 in the morning.


As we are home we may forget to sip on our water regualarly. How can we make sure we stay hydrated? Use an app. There are water apps that helps persons to drink water every hours or so.

Also to, the Corona loves a dry throat. So keep it moist with regulary sips odf water.


Doing light srtretches gets the body healthy. As writers and bloggers we may be aty our desk so regular that our legs start to cramp. Every hours or so take some stretches.


So self-explanatory. There are five-minute workouts, ten-minute workouts, even thirty-minute workouts. Exercises keep the body healthy and can give you the fighting chance against this virus.

Set an Intention

When you wake up you want to have some goals for your day. This helps you to plan your day wisely and not get bored.

Repeat an Affirmation


Drink Tea or Coffee

Put something hot in your stomach to release those gas bubbles.

Eat a Healthy Breakfast

Maintaining our health should always be our #1 priority. Whether we are doing exercises, dieting or eating less.

Make a Gratitude List

Extending thanks and appreciation for good things done to you can actually lift your mood and make you happier. Did you know that? During this Corona, you can sit and think about all the wonderful things that persons have done for you and make a nice long list.

Then, you send emails of appreciation, electronic thank you cards or design something for your friends and family and those that have helped you in some way.

Take a Walk

Read a Book

Try Something Creative

Do the Dishes

Like you have anything better to do? No, I didn’t think so. Why are we always running from doing the dishes? It can be very soothing and not to mention inspiring. I have gotten some great ideas for books from washing the dishes.

Give it a try!

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Make a To-Do List

Call a Friend

Since we are no longer “busy” we can make time for those persons who haven’t seen us or heard from us in a very long while. Yes, guys, I’m talking about our friends.

I actually have a friend that I haven’t talked to in so long I forgot how their voice sounded. True story. Don’t be like me and lose great friendships over being so “busy”.

This corona crisis has afforded us the opportunity to stay in touch with all those friends we can’t lime with when the weekend comes. Now we can have weekend Zoom parties.

Keep a Journal

I was looking through Pinterest as I always do and I found that keeping a journal can be very rewarded not to mention a great way to past the time. just go to Pinterest type in journal prompts in the search bar and let the platform do the work for you.

You can journal anything and as many things that you would like.

Cook a Simple Meal

Do an Art Project

Daydream a Little

Write a Short Story

Right now Camp NaNoWriMo has started. Join a group, create one for yourself and take part in the challenges that will be coming our way. Create the next bestselling pandemic spread book because all around us have inspiration.

Channel your fear, depression, and frustration into the book. Write out your feelings. This will help you remember what it was like and you are in a better position to insert these feelings into your character.

Start Learning a New Language

So, we have a lot of time in the world. Many of us are not going to work and many of us are working from home. Some of us may be working two days a week instead of the normal 5 or 6 days.

So, we got time on our hands. We can stay productive by learning a new language. I know I always wanted to learn sign language and even Chinese. I know Spanish to an extent. But the point is, we have time to learn something new.

Let me get you started on learning your new language.

First of all, you need to learn the alphabet. This is the foundation of building words, then sentences, then paragraphs.

Secondly, learn basic phrases and verbs. In Spanish, we learn things such as to go, to walk, to read, etc.

Thirdly, learn words that you use every day in your daily routine of life and learn your favourite things.

Fourthly, learn basic present and past tense and don’t forget those transition words.

Now you’re ready to become a bilingual reader, writer, blogger, or human.



As busy people, we don’t usually have time to clean properly. We would be very surprised by the amount of clutter we have accumulated in a short period of time. Now is the time to get rid of the clutter.

Take part in a decluttering challenge. Yes, guys, I am having a decluttering challenge.

For the month of April we are going to declutter 100 items out of our life and bring the breeze throughout the house and stay healthy.

Join the challenge!


Detox from Social Media

Now you’re saying, is she crazy? Social media is my only entertainment right now. And guys I understand. But you would not be here reading this post if social media was keeping you from being bored.

How many of you stare at your phone screen not knowing what to do on social media. There reaches a time when even social media gets boring. And now you have 69 other things you can do in place of it.

Do Breathing Exercises

Watch the Sunrise and Sunset

How much time will I emphasize the positive aspects of this lockdown? well, here is another. when is the last time you saw the sunrise or actually appreciated the sunrise? What about the sunset? Those beautiful orange colour mixing with greys and blue is something not even the best of artists can paint.

Every morning and evening we get a beautiful worldwide picture and because of this lockdown, we can view it together. Imagine everyone in the world around a certain time watching the sunset.

What a marvel!

Take a Bubble Bath

Participate in a Challenge

During this time there are a lot challenges taking place which screams, “Be productive.” We have the 10K Writing Challenge by Mandi Lynn where you can join tons of other writers in writing ten thousand words in 24 hours.

I personally love this challenge because it has helped me to finish my novel, the first draft at least.

There are Pinterest Challenges that help post your monthly viewers and followers and not to mention drives insane traffic to your blog. I took two challenges since lockdown and have grown my monthly viewers to an additional 10K.

Try a decluttering challenge. Allow the fresh air to replace the musty air of the clutter and help your house stay healthy during the COVID. I am doing a challenge like this because I have a lot of stuff that needs clearing away.

Nanowrimo is another challenge thousands are participating in. It’s the month of April and thousands of writers are hidden somewhere in their nook creating the next bestseller or edit said bestseller.

I am currently editing my bestseller. And I am literally taking part in many different challenges. Got to keep active.



Create a Budget

So this Corona got us budgeting and tightening our belts as never before. For those who don’t create budgets or have never created one in their life are now scrambling for pen and paper.

We can longer spend like crazy on unnecessary items. The restaurant visits, parties and much more will just have to wait. Now we are cooking and searching the University of Youtube for DIY projects.

Anything to save the little money we have.

Clean your Room

Clean the House

Connect with Other People

Start an Isolation Blog

Yea you read that right. More people are on the internet searching for things to do, read and help them stay productive. So why not lend a helping a hand?

You can talk about the things you are doing in lockdown to help you stay safe and healthy. You can provide activities to help your readers stay productive.

Helpful tips and home remedies, DIYs and much more can all be written on your blog. And because we are strapped for cash but have the dream of starting an online business Siteground is making it easy to get your blog off the ground.

They’re offering the basic hosting plan for ONLY $0.99 for three months. Which is great because it takes about three months to start earning from your blog.

Look at this blog you’re currently reading. I’m helping you stay productive in 69 different ways.

Build your Immune System

Get Dressed Everyday

Nothing feels better than taking a shower and beautifying ourselves only not to go anywhere. The main reason we get dressed every day should not be because we have to go to work.

There stems some self-pride when we can smell sweet for ourselves. We feel happier when we are clean and pretty.

Be Patient

This virus is really helping us cultivate great qualities like patience. We have no other choice but to wait and wait some more to see if the pandemic will leave us.

Create a Vision Board

Just because there is a worldwide pandemic, doesn’t mean we have a vision for our future. As one radio announcer says, we are in the land of the living.

This means we can make plans and decisions that will affect not only today or tomorrow but in the future. We shouldn’t let the pandemic halt us in our activities.

Become creative and plan out the rest of your year. It helps you to stay productive doing it.

Binge Watch your Favourite Movies

Binge Watch your Favourite TV Shows

Get a Massage

Listen to Relaxing Music

In these times we need all the relaxation. The stress of the possibility that we can contract the virus and spread it to other family members can really tighten those muscles.

We need to loosen it up with a massage as said above and some relaxing music.


Light a Scented Candle


Try something New


Make a Bucket List

This is not because we think we are going to die during the pandemic. But it is to help us put life into perspective. A bucket list is all about doing things that we want to before we die.

Nothing is wrong with doing it and now is a great time to sit and write out all the things we would like to do in life.

Create a Writing Routine

Some of us because of our hectic work schedule we can’t find the time to sit and do what we love the most and that is – write. But now that we are home, working from home we can find time.

A writing routine or schedule doesn’t have to be one hour every day. It can vary. I write in 15-minute burst and I don’t write every day. So, I like to balance my reading with my writing. And, I consider reading part of my writing schedule.

So get creative and super productive by creating a writing schedule that benefits you.

Create an Exercise Routine

Plan a Morning Routine

Create a Night Routine

Give Yourself a Foot Massage

Do you recognize how much work our feet do on a daily basis? Let me tell you, it’s a lot. It’s our main way of moving about. It’s what we use to mash the gas pedal in our cars. Then we exit the car and walk into the groceries, our workplace and more.

Now because Corona is here our feet may just get the deserved break and rest it needs. We can add to the fun by giving it a massage.

Fun fact: Do you know soaking your feet in magnesium sulfate commonly known as Epsom salts at night can relieve arthritis pain and swelling?


Write your Goals

Write down your goals for this year if you haven’t already. Look at them.

Remember goals must be S.M.A.R.T

So re-evaluate those goals that you don’t see yourself achieving this year and add some new ones to the mix. This is an excellent way to stay productive throughout the year.

Re-arrange your Wardrobe

Make a Smoothie

Do a Face Mask

Do a Mani & Pedi

I did one of these yesterday. The works – soaking, cleaning, filing and shaping. Then I topped it off with some painting. Truly productive!

Call your Loved Ones

I can’t think of a better thing to help you be productive other than calling those loved ones.

Now is a better time than ever to call those family members that you haven’t seen in a long while and find out how they are doing.

Open Windows

Start a Blog

Start a regular blog. probably it’s about making money online during this pandemic. Probably it’s about how not to get down when you’re in lockdown. Whatever it is, writing really passes time and heals as well. And it is also very productive.

Again, Siteground has offered their hosting plans for ONLY $0.99 for three months. Take advantage of that opportunity and start earning from home.

Start an online business

Play with your pet

Now you have a lot of time to play with those wonderful pets. I have a dog sweet but mischievous and now I have all the time in the world to play with him. And boy, does he appreciate it.

Playing with your pets can be very productive. Not only are you getting fresh air but also exercise.

So spend time with your pets. By the way, what type of pets do you have? Let me know in the comment section.

Make a playlist

As writers we make playlist for various reasons. There is the playlist that we insert into our books and then is the playlist that we listen to while writng said book.

We make a playlist for different moods in our and for the different books we are writing. As humans, in general, we make a playlist according to our moods and which songs we really love.

During this pandemic, it is a great time to make some playlists.

Do a Spa Day

Try some Makeup Techniques

Okay, so that’s all I got for you all today. I think 69 activities is more than enough to pass the next few months while staying productive.

Remember is all about Productivity.

So, stay healthy, stay safe and share this content because everyone needs something to do during the pandemic. And too sharing is caring and you will make me smile a lot which helps with my face muscles.




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