How To Change Your Life in 3 Months – Plan With Me

There’s a saying that if you want a different result you got to do things differently. And I decided to do things differently starting this year of 2022.

My business made two years January 1 officially and its been a whirlwind of experiences, lessons learnt and more. But this year I really wanted to accomplish big things in my business including increasing my visibility and revenue. So naturally to do that I had to make some changes.

From vision board, to planning and creating content, in this episode I drop all the deets on how I changed my life in just the span of 3 months.


Here’s a glance at this episode:

  1. [01:50] What I changed to accomplish my goal
  2. [05:42] 30 goals for the year, here are 10 of them
  3. [15:18] 4 things I wanted to accomplish in the first quarter
  4. [11:43] Accomplishment 1 – Reading Challenge
  5. [14:00] Accomplishment 2 – Website
  6. [15:10] Accomplishment 3 – Start a YouTube channel
  7. [18:25] Accomplishment 4 – Investing
  8. [09:08] How I feel
  9. [19:52] Goals for the next quarter

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