From Discovery Writer to Dedicated Plotter with Ron Lamberson

One of the things I enjoy is getting to know those within the writing community. Listening to their backstories and why they write what they write.

From aerospace engineers to librarians, writers expand the globe and beyond.

I’ve been talking with Ron Lamberson (on the latest episode of Books, Blogs, & Business) about outlining and how it can be done at any level in the writing process. He really explained how your outline doesn’t limit you but actually helps you become and efficient writer.

We dived deeper into his books and why he choose to write science fiction humor. And Ron even shared the not so secret place he get his ideas from.

If you’re bouncing between discovery writing and outlining before writing then this conversation is just for you.

Ron Lamberson is a freelance writer and novelist who has published three novels, including A Grave Invitation and The Poachers of Immortality. He holds a BA in Creative Writing from Purdue and an MBA from Indiana University. Ron is a passionate traveler, having visited over twenty countries on five continents. He spends his free time struggling to learn guitar, attending concerts, and avoiding injury on the tennis court.

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