How to Grow Your Email List As An Author This Year & Why

There is nothing I hate more than when something I’m putting my sweat and blood into and it’s not working. I feel like I want to rip all my hairs from my head because it’s so frustrating. Have you ever felt so? You look around and it seems all these online people have their shit together and you’re struggling to create a damn email list.

I had 2 people on my list for a very long while. I know it’s important.

But how do I create and grow one? Nothing I am is working. I’m writing my stories and I have no time to even figure out the first step to having an email list.

And, frankly it sounds hard because I have to think about content to send and I have to do so weekly, and I feel like my brain capacity is full and I honestly can’t have anything else on my plate.

I just wish sometimes that things weren’t so hard, and I wish that I just had money, and that if the coaches said do this and I did it then i would be successful.

But still list building is so hard. Who am I to tell me people how to do a particular thing? Who am I to request that you join my list and listen to my words in my newsletter? Who am I assume that I am so interesting that you want me in your inbox every week? Who am I to invite you in to my community and invite you to read and buy my stories? Who am I?

In this episode, I talk about 10 different ways I as an author grew my email list and how you can to?

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