10 Limiting Beliefs That’s Preventing You From Writing

I was recently reading up on limiting beliefs and what they are, especially in terms of limiting beliefs as writers and when a writers need to market their books. And the reason I was doing so was because I was trying to figure out why it takes me so long to go from writing my first draft to actual publication stage. And why it takes many writers years to finish their first book.

Why is it that there so many unfinished draft just sitting there collecting physical and digital dust? Is it because we feel that our thoughts aren’t good enough to share with the world or that we’re not good enough to share them? Or maybe we feel like we don’t deserve to be called an author or have the satisfaction of having a published novel?

And so as I did more research I realized that these were all limiting beliefs. I really dial down the what, why and how of limiting beliefs and I’m pretty excited to share my findings with you.

Click here to listen to how you can identify the source of your limiting belief and what steps you can take to overcome them and start or continue writing that book you always wanted to write.

Here’s a glance at this episode:

  1. [3:15] What are limiting beliefs?
  2. [05:40] Why do we have limiting beliefs?
  3. [09:15] Limiting beliefs origin #1 – personal experiences
  4. [10:15] Limiting belief origin #2 – hereditary experiences
  5. [10:32] Limiting belief origin #3 – fear or excuse
  6. [11:10] Limiting belief origin #4 – social circles
  7. [11:45] Limiting belief origin #5 – society
  8. [11:56] Limiting belief origin #6 – religious beliefs
  9. [14:55] Action Step

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