Celebrating One Year on the Podcast – Here’s How To Start

As a book marketing coach I’m always for practical ways to market your book. It’s not a one size fits all situation and so every author has different book marketing methods that actually work. That’s why if you choose to work with me we’re going to actually sit together and create your personal book marketing plan for you to follow.

The thing about it is, that podcasting is a really good way to market your book. I’m celebrating one yr as a podcaster and podcast host and in that one year I’ve seen that my most listen to episodes are where i feature and author and that person explains their struggles and processes.

Naturally you know I’m going to tap in to that. While roaming the Facebook group streets persons were saying that when they are listening to author pods they want to hear about the author their mindset, what challenges they overcame and so on and so forth. And it makes a lot sense because as writers we don’t like to feel alone or be alone on our writing journey.

Because I’m celebrating one year on the pod I’m will be sharing how i started my podcast, really to show you that its really simple and a no brainer, if you as an author wants to start one. We’ll talk about the equipment i use, where i record, how i script and edit to upload. I’ll also mention how much it cost to produce each episode and how i batch to not burn out.

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