Does Self-Publishing Hurt your Chances of being Traditionally Published?

If you want to be traditionally published, I 100% recommend doing the self-publishing route first…here’s why?

Many writers have their reasons for wanting to be traditional publishing. After all traditional publishing is the oldest publishing type out there and there are a few advantages like:

1. Monetary advance before publishing – I read in a recent article that traditional publishers are paying nothing less than six figures because if they don’t think the book will sell enough to justify a six-figure advance, they don’t want to publish it.
2. Highest potential for traditional media coverage, so more eyes on your book
3. Highest chance of bookstore placement – because if your book is published y a huge publisher like Harpercollins, bookstores and libraries want a piece of that. So you’re set.

But as with everything in life there are disadvantages to traditional publishing.

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