#3: 5 Big Mistakes Beginner Writers Make When Writing a Novel

We all make mistakes. No matter how hard we try not to, in one way or another we have made mistakes. To prevent ourselves from making more mistakes than we should or want to make, we seek out advice, help, tutorials and step by step guides.

And that’s exactly what this episode is about. Some big mistakes beginners make when starting their novel and some actionable steps to take to prevent yourself from making these mistakes.

During this episode I will be sharing with you some big but common mistakes I see writers making when they want to write their story. And if I’m being truly transparent with you, some of these mistakes I made in the early days of writing my novels.

I also have a 10 minute tip for you that you can implement right after you listen to this podcast that will help you generate a tons of story ideas.

And one last thing. I’ll be talking about goals or rather lack there off. And there is a cool simple strategy I share with my students during coaching that helps them set goals and a strategy that they can implement immediately.

Some questions to ask yourself:

Do you know why your readers read that genre?

Do you know what tropes make up that genre?

What in this genre satisfies your readers?

When a reader picks up this genre what do they expect from it?

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Here’s a glance at this episode:

  1. [3:20] Mistake #1 – Looking for your BIG idea.
  2. [12:00] Mistake #2 – Not researching your genre
  3. [15:18] Ask yourself these questions to figure out what genre you write
  4. [19:15] Mistake #3 – Not creating an outline can result in your book never getting written
  5. [22:05] Mistake #4 – Not setting goals
  6. [29:25] Mistake #5 – Not creating a schedule or creating a schedule and not sticking to it
  7. [31:45] Action Step

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