Welcome to the 21-Day Pinterest Challenge

What if I told you I can help you to SKYROCKET your monthly views, DOUBLE even TRIPLE your Pinterest traffic and of course have loads of fun doing so?

You’ll be interested, right?

Well grab your drink, sit down and let’s get ready to rumble

Why should you do this Challenge?

We are no longer  Quarantine Queens and Lady Bosses in Lockdown.
You are no longer going through the different phases in boredom, or maybe you’re still weaning off the after effects of this crisis.

Whatever the case maybe I’ve got just the rightest thing to boost you back up.
Yes people, a challenge!
Since you have already checked out all the different ways you can stay productive during isolation, now it’s time to challenge yourself.

Why is this Challenge different?

In the plainest of terms. . .This is not an e-course or any course of any kind. It’s a COMPETITION. It’s all about trying to get 50K monthly viewers at the end of the competition. 

Many Pinterest challenges are more of a email course than an actual challenge. And the challenge is usual against yourself.

You will receive emails for a certain period of time, telling you what to do. They ask you to please email them for questions you have to ask but their response time is delayed.

But not so with the 21 Day Pinterest Challenge. This is LIVE. You get to compete in real time with other bloggers all racing to the top.

You get to join the conversation on the group and ask questions that get immediate responses.

And the beautiful thing about this is that once you get accepted into the group you have lifetime membership. How freakin awesome is that!

What is in it for You?

Of course, you are not going to join a challenge is there is nothing in it for you. I know I wouldn’t.

So what goodies are in store for all those who take part?
For everyone who completes the challenge, you will have:

The opportunity to get 50K monthly views

A certificate signed by yours truly

A champion sticker every time you hit a 10K milestone

Lifetime access to my private Facebook Group

The Ultimate Bonus

If you grow your monthly viewers to 50K and over you will receive:

The Viral Pin Template Bundle consisting of 25 unique pins to maximize your time while driving insane traffic to your blog

What tools does this Challenge come with?

> A 23-Page Workbook to track your progress
> 4 Audio files for encouragment
> Invitation to join Facebook Group
> 5 Free Canva Pin Templates

Who can Participate?

If you want to grow your blog,
drive super insane traffic to your website,
make money blogging and
is incredibly serious about your business
then this challenge is for YOU!

So put your Money where the Challenge is. . .

ONLY $29