The Truth: How I Wrote A Book In 30 Days

A few years ago I wrote my first ever mystery thiller book. It’s a psych thriller and one my most proudest accomplishments. Now it took me 60 days to officially prepare for that book.

This was around the time of NaNowrimo and usually nano is where you write 50k words in 30 days. To help ith that you have the two months to prepare starting sept 1.

Now before I did that, this was in 2019, earlier that year I rejoined the Wattpad platform and I was honing my writing skills. I entered competitions and won awards in different categories and I played around with the genres that I wanted to write.

Then one day I reading a magazine and the cover is what inspired me to write this book. The front cover was of a woman looking through the water stained glass looking depressed. And from that image I got the idea to create a psychological thriller.

Now one thing you should know about me, I can turn any situation into a thriller. I see death and destruction everywhere and I love turning everything in murder, mayhem and mystery. I am also a romance author under a different name with my sister and if you leave it up to me I would literally murder the characters in the romance book. Another good reason why knowing the expectations of your genre is important.

So I was very set on creating this psych thriller and that’s when the real research started.

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