How To Significantly Grow Your List Online

As was discuss in episode 12, building your email list is the number one way to establish a relationship with your audience. Those who sign up to your email list are your target readers or ideal audience and these are the persons that you can convert into book buyers.

Because only 3% of your content gets seen on your social media platform, having an email list allows you to send emails directly to your subscribers inbox. On your email list you can send out newsletters and with that you don’t have to rely on social media platforms like Facebook Twitter or Instagram, to get the word out there.

That being said, if any social media platform will to disappear tomorrow and you did not have an established and growing email subscriber list you would find yourself in hot water.

Probably you already have email list but its inactive or you just started list building because you followed the steps in the previous episode. So now you’re wondering what is it you can do to grow your list.

So the strategies i’m going to share with you today are tested and proven to produce results, but I dont want you to be trying all the strategies and then messaging me to say they are not working. Choose one or two, start small and go from there.

This episode is brought to you by Mailerlite. Sending emails on a consistent basis is a fulltime job on top of my busy entrepreneurial life. Thats why I create a 3 month content plan filled with all the emails I like to send and then insert them into my mailerlite account.

With MAilerlite I can send emails weekly by simple setting up automations. This means that once a user enters my email list they get sent a series of emails automatically that provides value to them. All I need to do is create the workflow once and it’s automatically sent for each subscriber.

And the best part, all this can be done on their free plan. You can get your first 1000 subscribers for free by simply signing up here.

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