Are You Making These Book Marketing Mistakes

Human interaction is what builds relationships. And book marketing is all about building relationships with your target audience.

Yet many of us struggle to actually make connections and build long-lasting sustainable relationships.

Why is that?

Because we use social media as an avenue to advertise, promote, and market our books. When in reality social media should remain social by trying to connect with our visitors and readers in a relatable way.

So one of my biggest goals for this year is to take back my social media and post when I want and how I want and what I want. Because for me social me should be fun and exciting and I should feel pumped when I want to post and interact with my fellow authors.

So on that note, you may think this episode is about how to take back your social media and it is to a certain extent. Today I’m going yo share with you three huge mistakes I see writers make when book marketing. I’ll share with you some simple tips to promote your book on social media without being salesy.

Soo is social media working for you?

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