11 Popular Blog Posts that Make Money Online

11 Popular Blog Posts that Make Money Online

Yay, you’ve started a blog…now what types of blog posts should you write that will drive traffic and ultimately make money?

I’ve been in the same predicament many times and when you find yourself staring at that blinking cursor that’s mocking you, that’s when things get real.

Do you find yourself scouring the internet looking for blog content to write? Probably you type into Google, types of blog posts to drive traffic, first blog posts examples, blog posts ideas, ideas for blog posts, and the list goes on and on.

So let’s face it, starting a blog is super easy. But the tough part is figuring out what exactly to write on your blog that will drive traffic to your website, your products, and help you to make money online.

So I decided to put together the top 10 blog posts you should have on your blog as a beginner blogger or a new blogger. These blog posts can apply to any type of blog in any niche and they are proven types that help you to get the traffic you need, not to mention build a loyal fan base.

If you haven’t started you blog as yet, what are you waiting for?

Check out this comprehensive step-by-step guide on how to start a blog and make money which will help you to start your blog this weekend.

52 Blog Post Examples and Templates

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    Blog Posts Examples

    How to Blog Posts

    The how-to blog posts are really easy to create and are popular because they teach your audience something, they help your target audience to learn something new or solve a problem.

    Just how you would go over to Google and search how to do something, likewise, many others are doing the same. That’s when you type in how to, the search suggestions come up and you see what people are searching for on Google.

    According to what your blog or niche is about and the amount of experience you have in it, you can teach your audience how to do something the same exact way you do it, remembering that many who come to your blog are beginners, so providing blog content for persons in the beginning stages is also vital.

    Two of my most popular how-to blog posts are How to Start a Blog and Make Money and How to Explode Instagram Engagement.

    Other blog posts examples can be:

    • How to Write Blog Posts
    • How to Self-Publish on Amazon
    • How to Build an Email List

    List Blog Posts

    The list blog posts is a list of ideas, opinions, tips, items, strategies and well you get the point. You can literally list off anything on any topic in your niche and create a list blog post.

    And the best part about it is that everyone likes them because all your ideas are in one place, you get a clear view of the items because they are on a list, and it’s very easy to share via social media.

    For instance, 37 Writing Tips to Overcome Writer’s Block is another one of my popular list blog posts.

    Other types of list blog examples can be:

    • 7 Ways to Increase your Online Income
    • 10 Blog Posts Examples for a New Blog
    • 5 Exercises to Do behind your Desk

    Pro Tip: When creating list blog posts, using prime numbers such as 5, 7, or 21 can increase your headline optimization.

    Round Up Blog Posts

    The roundup blog posts are where you can gather a bunch of related information and put it in one article. This can be a roundup of your favorite items, people, ideas, strategies, and tips.

    You can round up your favorite bloggers or authors in your niche, you can round up the best blogging platforms available, or even the best blog posts you’ve come across.

    The round up choice is yours and the sky is no longer he limit.

    In this article, I’ve rounded up my Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals. This is my first time doing something like this and it was a lot of fun to create.

    Secret Blog Posts

    Shhh…got a secret can you keep it? Everyone loves a good secret because you feel like you’re getting the details on something no one else knows about or not much people have the information about.

    Something like, “The Best Kept Secrets for Writing a Blog Post Faster” can certainly pique someone’s interest. I know I for sure would love to know all the secrets on how to create a blog post faster.

    Other types of secret blog posts are:

    • 10 Secrets to Losing Fat in 10 Days
    • My Best Secrets to Staying Fit at my Desk

    Opinion Blog Posts

    This is my opinion that opinion blog posts are super helpful. Have you ever found someone who agrees with your opinion? Maybe you have met people who are against your opinion? What about those persons that are really interested in your opinions?

    Hence, opinion blog posts allow you to share what you feel and think on different subjects in your blogging niche and captures your target audience because people love listening to opinions.

    So much so they feel inclined to share their opinions with others and they can do so via the comment section on your blog.

    Traffic and Income Reports

    The traffic and income report blog posts are valuable to many who want evidence that blogging works. These types of blog posts are not shown for bragging but as proof that you can make money from your website.

    While presenting your income reports for the public is a personal choice, many have done it to motivate their students, especially those who teach persons how to make money blogging.

    Alex and Lauren from CreateandGo.com present their monthly income reports to the top of the website and when you select it, you get a breakdown of the revenue.

    On my site, I choose not to share my income reports but I do freely share my traffic reports and milestones when growing my following. Take a look at this article where I talk about growing my Twitter following.

    A Blog Series

    When I started blogging, I had a full blog series on how to start a blog and make money blogging. Each article was over 1k words and I did the lead magnets, the videos, and even had a blogging bible.

    In most recent times, I took down the series and combined them into one full-length article that you can find here. The blogging bible is still available along with the niche workbook and templates. You can grab those here, yes for FREE.

    I do, however, have another blog series that focuses on Instagram and growing your following to 1k in 90 days.

    Blog series blog posts are great, in that you know what you are going to be posting for the next few weeks. You can plan in advance and schedule your articles accordingly. Also, you can keep your audience updated as to what will be coming next.

    Other blog series titles are:

    • Blogging on a Budget (A Blog Series)
    • Part 1 of 5 – How to Grow your Instagram Following

    Tools and Resources

    These type of blog posts helps your audience to build trust in you and once you have the affiliate links for your resources you can earn money when they click your links and purchase something.

    I have an article coming out entitled, “Why I Use Siteground as My Web Host and Why You Should Too” which is a great headline for a tools and resource blog post.

    Other tools and resources posts are:

    • 10 Tools You Need as a Newbie Blogger
    • 21+ Resources for Your Lifestyle Blog
    • The Ultimate List of Blogging Tools and Resources

    A tools and resources blog post doesn’t have to be a list of the tools you use on your WordPress website. You can take two or three tools and talk about them extensively, or you can categorize your resources accordingly.


    These types of reviews are great money makers because you can add your affiliate links to the products that you are speaking about.

    If you are in the book writing niche, you can choose to do book reviews on your favorite authors and if they have the book available on Amazon and you are part of the Amazon Associate program you can add your link and earn money that way.

    Also to, you can offer the service of reviewing books for persons for a price and make money, drive traffic, and have countless blog posts created.

    Types of review posts are:

    • 11 Romance Novels to Read this February
    • Top 15 Dark Romances for 2020

    Unique Tips

    The unique tips blog posts allow you to provide value and information very quickly and thus they have become very popular.

    They are easy to write because you are sharing quick tips in a shortened format that your readers can act upon in a timely manner and achieve the results they need.

    If you check out this article, 6 Tips on how to Explode your Instagram, you’ll see that each tip listed is short, precise, and to the point.


    Here are the 11 unique but popular blog posts types you can add to your beginner WordPress blog.

    • How-To Blog Articles
    • Round-Up Blog Content
    • Secret Blog Posts
    • Opinion Blog Articles
    • Traffic and Income Reports
    • Reviews
    • Unique Tips
    • Tools and Resources
    • Blog Series

    Have you found any of these blog examples helpful in increasing your traffic and income. Let me know in the comment section.

    Don’t forget to snag your copy of Blog Posts Examples and Headline Ideas below.



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