Using Social Media To Find Your Ideal Readers + Course Rundown

If you guys have been following for the past few episodes, you would have realized there is a common theme with regards to finding your readers.

We talked about the reasons and your why behind finding your ideal readers, we talked about using IG & FB to find your ideal readers, how you can optimize those profiles to attract the right audience, and next week, I will be discussing questions that you can ask to find your audience pain points.

In today’s episode we are talking about using social media to find your audience. Or specifically I will be doing a basic rundown of the social media platforms and giving you an idea which platforms can be the best for you to go looking for your readers.

This episode is brought to you by the Target Reader Book Marketing Mini Course. This course delivers step by step, the approach you need to take in order to lay the groundwork for your marketing efforts in the future. You can’t build your book writing future on rocky ground or on sand. It’s got to have a solid foundation. So if you’re struggling with making sales on your books or you find that what you’re doing, the information you’re following is still not working, or you’re already worried that the book you’re writing might not sell, then this mini course is for you.

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  2. One-on-One Coaching
  3. Meet Your Milestones Online Store

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